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‘DOOH industry is bullish about transit media’

By Pray Jani - August 18, 2021

Sunil Khera, MD, Aero Digital, a leading player in the digital display solutions space, shares his views with Media4Growth on the factors that will keep the DOOH market afloat even as the industry grapples with the pandemic aftermath.

Sunil Khera, MD, Aero DigitalWhat trends do you see in the DOOH media market?

DOOH media holds a lot of potential for advertising in malls. A major part of the mall’s revenue is generated through advertisements on their premises. If you notice, in the last 2- 3 years, digital media has come up in all the malls that have undergone renovation or have been newly constructed. We see digital kiosks, LED screens and the like there. That is also the case at multiplexes. Transit locations are also huge markets for DOOH business.

Could you tell us about Aero Digital’s plans for transit media space?

Aero Digital is heavily focused on transit media, especially at the airports. Post-Covid, airports will continue to spur DOOH advertising growth.

Is there scope for AR / VR in DOOH growth?

When talking about AR and VR in OOH, we have to look at two factors: awareness and acceptance. Even globally, the industry is still exploring these technologies and from India’s perspective, we are still only figuring out the norms for digital display ads in outdoors. I believe, the AR integration will happen later. That said, the idea of AI-enabled DOOH is already in motion but the acceptance comes from awareness, and awareness comes with time.

We see technologies playing a massive role in exhibitions today. Brands install AR-enabled hardware at their stalls to stand out from competition. As they realise the potential of AR in digital display solutions, in time they will also like to see the application in DOOH.


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