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With blank cinema screen, Alcon says it all

By M4G Bureau - October 10, 2019

To seek the attention of the cinema audience, a leading eye care brand leaves the audience visibly perplexed

Alcon, the global leader in eye care, as a part of their public service initiative, rolled out a brilliant cinema campaign to create awareness about the role of a timely cataract surgery in avoiding blindness. With the World Sight Day (10th October) around the corner, an on-going cinema campaign turned out to be a prefect medium.

Alcon teamed up with Khushi Advertising Ideas Pvt. Ltd., India’s leading cinema advertising agency, and together they created an ad to compel people to take notice. The 30-second ad starts with nothing but a blank screen with only sounds of birds chirping and a baby laughing. This continues for about 12-13 seconds and leaves the audience visibly perplexed. Some even wonder whether there is a projector malfunction, until the first visual comes up, which is only the text that reads - ‘1,20,00,000* people in India see the world like this’. Through the remaining ad, this number goes up by 1 every 3 seconds and the copy below it reads – ‘Every 3 seconds someone is getting blind due to cataract’. This is followed by the logos of Alcon and World Sight Day in the last 2 seconds of the ad.

“Such strong messaging has left the audience shaken and I am sure, also awakened”, stated Vishnu Telang – CEO, Khushi Advertising. “The ad is a true example of how powerful, something so simple can be. No influencers, no flashy design, no product display and no logo presence through 98% of the ad. The simple yet impactful communication did the job brilliantly. I am certain that people will recall this ad and the effort of Alcon for a long time.”

Shourav Das, Senior Manager-Practice Development, Alcon India, averred “We wanted to bring the focus of both patients and care-givers on how cataract potentially lessens the quality of life. Following an eye surgeon’s advice and not procrastinating a simple cataract surgery can help one get back to life and light. With the World Sight Day coming up, we were planning to do a series of activities to spread awareness on this subject, which actually is the largest cause of blindness in India and when Khushi came to us with the concept, we immediately loved the idea and went ahead with it. We at Alcon are positive that this campaign will touch a lot of people and raise even more awareness about cataract and dispel the myths woven around it”.

Gautam Dutta, CEO – PVR, praising Alcon and Khushi said, “This campaign is the perfect example of how cinema as a medium can be effectively used to spread awareness about health and social issues. Cinemas offer a captive and receptive audience who is more likely to absorb advertising communication and when the message is as powerful and relevant as this, the impact is massive. I am glad that Alcon and Khushi have made optimum use of this excellent advertising medium and created a campaign that is sure to open people's eyes to this grave issue".

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