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Street Furniture is a growing opportunity in Kerala

By Athira Nair - December 28, 2015

Street Furniture enables advertising that connects with consumers on a personal level. A panel discussion at Kerala Talks OOH 2015 spoke about this highly efficient form of outdoor advertising and its scope in the state.

A panel discussion on'Is street furniture the next big growth opportunity for Kerala OOH' was recently held at Kerala Talks OOH 2015 in Kochi. Moderated by Rajiv Raghunath, Consulting Editor, VJ Media Works, the panellists included Jayachandran, Jaycee Ads, Vijay Kumar, Aiswaria Advertising and Cherian Peter, Muthoot Finance. 

Street furniture is an effective and highly efficient form of advertising. It provides a cost effective alternative for the advertisers as well as powerful campaigns for the larger corporates. Explaining about the relevance of street furniture in Kerala, Vijay Kumar said, "Outdoor advertising is finding it tougher to ignore street furniture as one of its branch. In Kerala, we are investing only 5% of the budget into street furniture from the overall investment on OOH market. The growth of the outdoor industry in Kerala is attributed to the expansion of infrastructure that is used in this industry.”

Considering street furniture as a compelling media for advertising in Kerala, Cherian Peter said, "The scope of street furniture in a state like Kerala is high. But presently only few numbers of street furnitures are available in the Kerala OOH industry. It is also hard to approach an agency or media owner, as there is a lot of confusion regarding the licence and ownership of a particular street furniture. To clear all this, the industry has to be more transparent and clear about the legitimacy regarding licences.”

Speaking on the awareness of street furniture, Jayachandran added "There are plenty of options for street furniture in Kerala, but we are only considering bus shelters as street furniture. The industry has to explore the options beyond bus shelters to establish a strong presence in street furniture advertising. Legality is an important factor while choosing a street furniture to advertise. A long term contract with government is essential and the furniture has to be maintained properly to make it as a needed medium for brands.”

Discussing about the effort taken by the industry on street furniture and how a street furniture like bus shelter is beneficial for brands, Cherian Peter said, "As an organisation, we are using bus shelters to a large extent to advertise. Bus shelters are a wonderful medium for advertising, but it takes a lot of creativity to make the best of it. We prefer non-lit bus shelters in Kerala, as most people remain indoors at night. The other reason why we prefer bus shelters is that it offers great visibility to our TG. It provides impact to a mass pedestrian audience. Moreover, a lot of people are going to see it more than once, because people usually pass the same location every day while driving to work or way back home.”

Concluding the session by adding some points about how to make street furniture a major tool in OOH industry, Jayachandran added "Developing infrastructure plans by keeping its quality, streamlining the tax, generating legal approval with a long term contract with the authorities and maintaining street furniture will help in attracting the brands' attention to street furniture.”


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