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Shwetal Basu, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Shoppers Stop, joins OAA 2024 Jury

By Sakshi Sanghavi - June 24, 2024

“The OOH Advertising Awards (OAA) continue to play a vital role in highlighting and celebrating outstanding work within the Indian OOH industry,” says Shwetal Basu

Shwetal Basu, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Shoppers Stop joins the distinguished Jury of the 18th OOH Advertising Awards.  

Shwetal has a strong experience of 20 years in customer behaviour, marketing, and communications, across multiple industries such as FMCG, telecom, security services, banking, and retail. She brings to the table a deep understanding of consumers across demographics and geographies to create successful marketing strategies in sync with the brand’s vision. In her previous stints, she was associated with Metro Brands, Aditya Birla Retail, and HDFC Bank.

Speaking about recognition for creativity in OOH advertising, Shwetal told Media4Growth, “The creative landscape of Indian Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising has been evolving significantly in recent years. Innovative campaigns such as the "Lifebuoy's Roti Reminder" campaign, which utilised OOH to remind people to wash their hands before eating, showcase the potential of creativity in OOH advertising. However, it is critical to note that the potential for originality in OOH advertising is not always completely realised. OOH has the power to engage people in new and significant ways, and I feel there is a chance to highlight and celebrate the industry's creative efforts.”

Talking about how OOH is viewed for brand media planning strategies, Shwetal says, “There have been distinct changes in the perception and incorporation of OOH in brand media planning strategies. Brands like Zomato have leveraged OOH advertising through interactive outdoor installations to engage with their audience and create memorable experiences outside the digital realm. With the advent of data-driven insights and technological advancements, OOH has become more integrated and strategic in brand media planning. It has the potential to complement and enhance the overall impact of a brand’s media mix.”

Sharing her perspective on OOH Advertising Awards (OAA), she emphasised,OAA continues to play a vital role in highlighting and celebrating outstanding work within the Indian OOH industry. The "Amul's Tribute to Indian Farmers" campaign, which utilised OOH installations to pay homage to the contributions of farmers, was recognised by OAA for its creativity and effectiveness in delivering a powerful and socially relevant message. This recognition contributes significantly to the industry by inspiring and stimulating further creativity and best practices within the OOH advertising space.”

Talking about what she looks forward to as a Jury member, Shwetal says, “As an OAA Jury member, I am eager to observe, discuss, and evaluate several crucial aspects during the judging process. First and foremost, I am looking forward to examining efforts that exhibit creativity, uniqueness, and relevance to the target demographic. Furthermore, I want to evaluate the effectiveness of OOH advertising in reaching their goals, whether they are brand recognition, engagement, or generating particular calls to action. In addition, I want to highlight the importance of well-executed and effective OOH creatives that express the soul of the brand while compellingly engaging the audience. At the same time, I look forward to recognising and rewarding campaigns that demonstrate quality and push the envelope of originality in OOH advertising.”


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