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Ormax Media launches measurement tool for ambient advertising

By Pray Jani - November 07, 2019

The media consulting and analytics firm has developed a software that offers real-time audience measurement solutions



Media consulting and analytics firm Ormax Media has announced the launch of its latest offering
Ormax OHM i.e Out-of-Home Measurement. Ormax OHM offers real-time audience measurementsolutions to owners and resellers of ambient media, such as malls, multiplexes and airports. Theservice comes in the context of a growing need for measurement of OOH media in India.

The software targets data points such as dwell time, impressions and determines an audience profile through gender, age and their experience across media assets. Ormax Media has licensedcomputer vision technology from French OOH audience measurement company Quividi, whichenables real-time audience measurement and analytics. Using this technology, Ormax OHM providesdata and analytics collected in real time, measured 24/7, 100% enumeration using technology thatworks completely in the background. This can help empower clients to offersmarter solutions to brands, such as impression-based pricing and targeted advertising.

Speaking about the launch of Ormax OHM, Shailesh Kapoor, CEO - Ormax Media, said, “With Ormax OHM, we are making an entry into the OOH category,where we are going to work with like-minded media owners to set industry benchmarks of howambient media is measured, priced and sold”.

Speaking about the need fulfilled by Ormax OHM, Satyen Sharma, Head - Ormax OHM, said: “TheOOH media industry in India is facing a growing challenge in the measurement space.Ormax OHM willprovide audience data measured in real time with actual numbers, which will elevate OOH media toa position of higher accountability and credibility.”

Speaking about the association with Ormax Media, Laurent Fabry, CEO - Digital ContentTechnologies Pvt. Ltd., the authorised distributor for Quividi in Asia, said: “Our versatile technology isbeing successfully used in more than 80 countries across the world for OOH audience measurement.We see India as a strong potential market and are excited to associate with Ormax Media for the use of our technology to help the Indian OOH industry market and sell itself better”.


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