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OOH to play a vital role for brands to reimagine commerce, says WPP IQ report

By M4G Bureau - July 20, 2020

The report says that brands are experimenting new ways wherein OOH will grow in value as people are returning to normalcy, spending more time outdoors

Brands are exploring new and efficient ways to reimagine their commerce which has been disturbed because of Covid19. Consumers’ behaviour has been changing constantly along with the changing situations: from social isolation to the new normal. The consumers’ choice and purchasing pattern are going through a paradigm shift. Hence, at this stage, brands will make the most of new routes to market and move from products to services as well.

In the process to secure a safe place in the market, build share of voice and more emotional connection, brands will do experiments. “Experiential opportunities will rise, but stocking up will still be at the back of all our minds – maybe in preparation for winter. Though all channels will be important, out-of-home will grow in value as people return to driving and using public transport and spend more time outdoors”, explains Ian Thomas, Global Client Leader, Geometry in WPP IQ report.

In the new normal, the relevancy will become a pivotal parameter for consumers to choose a brand. Hence, in-store and out-of-home will become platforms for brand experiences and for showcasing innovations. He added, “Though logistical issues could make this difficult to execute, especially with seasonal products such as fashion and ice-cream that have become out of sync with the season.”

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