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‘Money spent on our medium, is money well spent’

By M4G Bureau - August 07, 2023

With the rise of technology, OOH is finally catching up its digital medium peers in terms of audience measurement to help advertisers make informed decisions.

Michael SteinbergWhile OOH has always had the advantage of being a larger-than-life format, the measurability of OOH campaigns – or lack thereof – has always been its Achilles Heel. But recent technological advancements are slowly bridging the gap and helping OOH become an advertising medium backed by scientific methods. Michael Steinberg, Chief Revenue Officer, StreetMetrics spoke about the advancements in the field and the future of OOH in his talk ‘Making OOH metrics counts’ at the Outdoor Advertising Convention 2023 in Delhi. 

Perhaps the most important aspect of OOH advertising is customised ads and it is important to gather audience data, study it thoroughly and create accurate audience profiles for precision targeting. ‘Advertising agencies are unaware of the possibilities of outdoor as a medium because it has been a black so far and that’s why there is a need for advertisers to adopt metrics and technology as a whole immediately” Michael said. 

Talking about audiences Michael said that as an industry, we need to understand who we are reaching out to – our advertisements and their messaging and we must measure how audience behaves with exposure to said ads and the subsequent purchasing performances based on that because results have to actionable, and that is what the foundation of data=driven OOH needs to be. 

StreetMetrics looks at every format in a unique way and its data is accurate to within 1.1 metres. Michael also pointed out that unlike other transit media, taxi top advertising provides immense opportunity as it covers the entire city, be it residential or commercial areas. 


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