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Kolte-Patil Developers leverages ambient advertising for CSR initiative

By Pray Jani - August 16, 2019

Dhirendra Outdoor Media Solutions helped the brand roll out a special initiative to help the traffic police in Pune & PCMC during the heavy rains

Dhirendra SengarWith monsoon causing major havoc this year in Pune and the surrounding areas, developers Kolte-Patil decided to do their bit to help by providing traffic police officers with raincoats.

The brand spent Rs 25 lakhs for this project conceived by Dhirendra Sengar, Director of Dhirendra Outdoor Media and Solutions. The CSR initiative offered about 3000 Kolte Patil branded raincoats to the traffic police department across the Pune and PCMC regions

The 2-month campaign gained massive reach, covering all traffic junctions in the areas and also helped the police department function comfortably during the challenging situation.

The raincoats were provided to the department during a special event attended by Milind Kolte, the Executive Director and Gayatri Kunte, AVP, Marketing - Kolte-Patil Developers Limited.

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