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JCDecaux wins bus shelter contract of Toulouse Metropole and street furniture contract of the City of Toulouse for 15 years

By M4G Bureau - September 06, 2023

The Paris-based OOH giant secured the rights for the fourth largest city in France following two different competitive tenders.

JCDecaux has won the bus shelter contract of Toulouse Métropole (population: 796,203) and the street furniture contract of the City of Toulouse (population: 471,941), the fourth largest city in France and the capital of the Occitanie region.

MUPI Toulouse

The Toulouse Métropole contract renewal covers 1,638 bus shelters, including 20 equipped with digital screens and 10 plant-covered bus shelters. By introducing a range of energy-efficient solutions, including LED lighting, adjustable lighting intensity for advertising panels, motion detectors for shelter lighting, JCDecaux aims to achieve a 64% reduction in energy usage compared to the current market standards.

The City of Toulouse has also extended its street furniture contract with JCDecaux for a further 15 years. It covers 559 2m2 City Information Panels, 55 8m2 furniture, 66 2m2 digital furniture, 40 event furniture, 52 free-standing advertising panels, and 30 columns to promote cultural events. Energy-efficient solutions will be implemented to reduce electricity consumption. The new contract will enable the City of Toulouse to achieve a 39% energy saving compared to the current market.

In line with the Group's Climate Strategy, which targets Net Zero Carbon by 2050, JCDecaux teams will be refurbishing 70% of Toulouse Métropole's bus shelters and 80% of the City of Toulouse’s street furniture to minimise the impact of raw material extraction, the manufacture of new components, transport and waste. This renovation will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by between 70% and 90% compared with the installation of new street furniture. The new furniture will be designed using recyclable or recycled material.

The street furniture includes works by renowned architects and designers such as Lord Norman Foster, as well as creations by JCDecaux and Cité Concept.

Jean-Charles Decaux, Co-CEO of JCDecaux, said: "We are pleased that Toulouse Métropole and the City of Toulouse have renewed their trust in JCDecaux for bus shelters and street furniture. This decision strengthens our determination and commitment to providing the best service to cities and citizens. Our teams are proud to continue our partnership with Toulouse Métropole and the City of Toulouse. JCDecaux will bring its technical, aesthetic, service-oriented, and environmental expertise to contribute to building exemplary cityscapes that are designed to benefit all citizens. Since JCDecaux was founded, our development model has enabled the creation, installation, provision, and maintenance of public utility urban services that are accessible to all, environmentally friendly, economically valuable and enhance life in cities at no cost to the public. These contracts renewals will generate jobs in the region and contribute to local economy.”


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