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It’s work from home for Out-Of-Home

By Bhawana Anand & Pray Jani - March 18, 2020

Teams have been given work from home option, essential kits

Even as the OOH industry, like most other trades, faces the brunt of the economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic, media owing firms and specialist agencies are taking particular steps to throw a safety net around their people. Many of the firms have given employees the work from home option or to work in flexi hours. In Mumbai, all leading agencies, such as, Kinetic India, MOMS Outdoor Media Solutions, Platinum Outdoors, The Social Street, and others have given their employees the work from home option, that can be exercised until further notice on the matter.

In the office premises, MOMS Outdoor Media Solutions has discontinued the use of biometric attendance recording and instead the conventional attendance register is being maintained now. Sanitisers have been placed at the reception and café for their easy access to the people in the office. Frequently used places like the reception area, meeting rooms, conference rooms, as well as fixtures like door handles are sanitised 2-3 times a day. At the reception, visitors are given a thermal check before they are allowed into the work area. The agency has also suggested that their media partners avoid visiting the office and instead use the phone and Zoom/ Skype call facility for discussions.

Likewise, Posterscope India offers flexi hours to the employees, to help them plan their commute during the non-peak hours. The agency has included the cover from this virus in the insurance policy provided to their employees and the list of updated hospitals are being provided to them for emergency. 

Media owning firm Alakh Advertising & Publicity has decided to have people working in office by rotation, whereby on any given day only 10 employees are physically present in the office.

The Social Street organised an advisory meeting with the staff to plan the work from home arrangements. The agency’s Founding Partner & CEO Mandeep Malhotra has in fact encouraged the team to utilise the time saved to pursue individual hobbies.

Khushi Advertising is encouraging the team to utilise the lean period to re-strategise the business approach with the data available, and gear up for the near future.

TIMDAA has also given the employees similar kits.


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