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Ethinos, enter strategic collaboration

By M4G Bureau - June 15, 2023

The terms of engagement and the lines between physical and digital have blurred to a significant extent because of which brands now need a better integrated solution, says Nabendu Bhattacharyya, Founder,

Ideacafe agency X ethinos - CollaborationIn line with its vision to become the world’s largest ideas hub for the connected globe as thinkers, makers and pioneers who constantly challenge what's possible, ideacafe believes that the newest medium of digital and the oldest medium of OOH are uniquely positioned to complement each other like no other medium can. Its un-wavered focus on creating better solutions for brands has led them to create one of the major collaborations in this space in just a few months into its existence, cites an media release.

Nabendu-Bhattacharyya,-Founder-of-ideacafeIdeacafe and Ethinos come together to form a strategic partnership to deliver cutting-edge phygital solutions for brands by bringing together data and intelligence along with creativity to elevate a brands visibility and effectiveness in the OOH domain.

Ethinos Digital Marketing where creative brains meet media and technology, focuses on solving new age business problems by deploying the digital solutions that fit a brand’s business and ideacafe, an agency which is redefining the “brewing” of ideas that are media agnostic, have come together to deliver better media and creative solutions to marketers.

Nabendu Bhattacharyya, Founder of ideacafe commented, “We believe that the consumer today is dictating the terms of engagement and the lines between physical and digital have blurred to a significant extent because of which brands now need a better integrated solution to connect effectively and hence our partnership with Ethinos sharpens our OOH offering and makes it even more efficient than it already is”.

Brijesh-Munyal,-Managing-Director,-EthinosBrijesh Munyal, Managing Director, Ethinos said, “We are excited to announce our partnership with ideacafe. This strategic collaboration will allow us to offer our clients a more comprehensive marketing solution that combines the reach and impact of OOH with the precision and targeting of digital. Together, we can help our clients reach their target audiences at every touchpoint, from online to offline."

Ethinos specialises in AI -based Media Performance Programs, Omni Channel Marketing, Data Driven Marketing, B2B Marketing, Digital Solutions while ideacafe specialises in OOH solutions, DOOH content generation, creative services, rural outreach, and activation solutions across the spectrum.

Fabian-Trevor-Cowan,-Chief-Growth-Officer,-ideacafeFabian Trevor Cowan, Chief Growth Officer, ideacafe said, “The next phase in the evolution of OOH will be driven by the true convergence of data and creativity riding on the wheels of technology. The rapid rise in DOOH will rightly raise the expectations of a client base that has begun to believe in the power of Out of home. This collaboration will provide us and our clients with deeper insights on audiences that can now be applied to the OOH environment”. 

The combined solution base will help brands get a deeper more targeted solution in reaching the right audiences at the right time while they are consuming media and content on digital platforms or in the real physical world.


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