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Cadbury adds new flavour to Eid celebrations

By M4G Bureau - May 31, 2019

The brand, along with Ogily, has launched a campaign around the theme of gifting new kinds of sweets as part of Eid festival

Cadbury Celebrations has been an integral part of festivals in India, This year, the brand decided to embark on a new journey by being a part of Eid festival, where food and sweets are shared and are intrinsic to the occasion. To acknowledge this and highlight the fact that there is space for more sweets, the brand, along with Ogilvy, rolled out a campaign based on the theme, ‘Alag kahan hai. Meetha toh meetha hota hai’.

"We had to put a sense of trepidation into the idea itself. The uncertainty of whether a gift is the right one or not was at the heart of the tension of this film, It’s about a couple who is unsure about their gift, till it is accepted by the host who not just accepts the gift, but also makes it a part of the festival," says Neville Shah, Executive Creative Director, Ogilvy West.

The digital film has already been released and Mondelez plans to take up various OOH and other digital interventions to drive home the point that Cadbury Celebrations is just as good an option for gifting during Eid.

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