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BuyMediaSpace offers strategic branding opportunities with directional signage

By Pray Jani - August 26, 2019

The company has tied up with the Kolkata Traffic Police to offer high visibility directional signage that will double up as branding space during Durga Puja

DURGA PUJADurga Puja being a big occasion culturally, poses huge potential for the OOH industry in West Bengal. Every year, a huge population of 4-5 crore congregate for the festival rituals. Given the scale of the setting and the crowds, formats often get damaged compromising the campaigns. BuyMediaSpace has come up with a solution to address this problem. The company has tied up with the Kolkata Police department for advertising opportunities in directional signage.

The media buying and selling agency allots 45% of directional signage for branding, while the other 55% is maintained for directional information. With sizes spanning across 8x10, 8x6, 8x5 feet, the media is located at prime locations in Kolkata. The biggest advantage is that since they are directional signage, the local traffic police aid in protecting them from being damaged and they receive very good viewership.

Debojyoti Banerjee, Director, BuyMediaSpaceDebojyoti Banerjee, Director of BuyMediaSpace, says, “We have already started receiving bookings from national brands in the electronics Sector. We also expect clients in other verticals to join in. Last year Shyam Steel had opted for high exposure and the campaign had given them the best visibility possible”. And this year, a national brand like Mitsubishi has confirmed branding along with some local brands too demand high visibility during the festival using the media.

Also, with various branding opportunities available during the festival time, there is high clutter in the media space. This media helps address the problem through strategic placement. As Debojyoti says, “All display will be clutter–free and placed in prime positions so that the public can view the road map printed on it. This will also create the best opportunity to promote the brand.”

The media installations will start from Mahalaya and the campaigns begin a few days before Durga Pooja and run all the way till the immersion ritual. The network of the firm is quite vast covering locations like Don Bosco Xing, Golpark Xing, Jodhpur Park, Badamtala Ashar Sangha, Gariahat More, Beliaghata Connector, Chandni Chowk and many other areas in the city. The media attracts more eyeballs, not only because of the utility, but also because of the locations.

When asked about the challenges they face, Debojyoti said, “The only tough factor is to complete the entire installation within the stipulated time frame, considering the fact that for the last 3 years the weather has been unpredictable during the pooja season.”

The company took up directional signage the previous year and the media has already been well accepted in the market. This year, the company expects a much bigger response from brands. Accordingly the company also plans to double the exposure space this year.

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