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‘Blend creativity, design with strategic planning, data-driven decision-making’

By M4G Bureau - June 04, 2024

Vishwanath Kini, Head Growth and Strategy and Chetan Kasar, Sr. Art Director of The Brand Sigma share their perspectives on the art and science of OOH advertising.

David Ogilvy, regarded as the Father of Advertising, once said“Your poster should deliver your selling point not only in words, but also pictorially. Use the largest possible type. Make your brand name visible at a long distance. Use strong, pure colours. Never use more than three elements in your design.” Although much has changed, these ideologies remain the same. Even in 2024, these fundamentals remain crucial for creating an effective and creative OOH ad.

Remember, in the dynamic world of OOH advertising, it’s not just about being seen – it’s about being remembered. For brands looking to make a mark in the public sphere, leveraging OOH mediums with creativity and strategic planning is key. Outdoor advertising in India has witnessed a rapid transformative journey, adapting and evolving with cultural and technological shifts. 

The effectiveness of outdoor advertising heavily relies on its design and visual impact. Creative billboard designs and innovations, unique advertising concepts, clear and concise messaging are essential to capture attention and make a lasting impression. A well-planned outdoor advertising strategy that considers the type of outdoor ad, integration with overall marketing efforts, use of technology, strategic placement, creativity, and measurement of results can significantly boost brand’s presence and engagement with its target audience.

Visual hierarchy

In recent years, there’s been a seamless blending of outdoor advertising with social and digital media. An effective design starts with a clear visual hierarchy. Key messages should be bold and easy to read, while supporting imagery or graphics should complement the primary message without overwhelming it. Utilising contrasting colours and bold fonts can significantly enhance readability and attraction from a distance. These elements are crucial in capturing the fleeting attention of passersby while visibility window span happens to be just 3 to 5 seconds. The integration of digital screens has allowed for more versatile and engaging content.

Innovate & engage

Outdoor advertising’s effectiveness lies in its ability to innovate and engage. The success of outdoor advertising heavily relies on location. Outdoor advertising should be an integral part of the overall marketing strategy. Consistency in messaging across all platforms, from outdoor to digital marketing, ensures a cohesive brand experience. This alignment reinforces the brand message and amplifies its reach. The future of outdoor advertising is set to be more digital, interactive, personalised, sustainable, and integrated with the urban environment. These trends will open up new creative possibilities for brands to connect with their audience, making outdoor advertising an even more exciting and effective medium in the years to come.

Vishwanath Kini, Head Growth and Strategy, The Brand Sigma, says outdoor ads should be tailored to suit their specific locations. Consider the surroundings, the demographics of the area, and the intended audience when designing the outdoor ads and creative innovations. Customising ads for different locations enhances their relevance and resonance with the local audience. Creating impactful outdoor ads requires a solid combination of art and science. You have to blend creativity, design and visual aesthetics with strategic planning, research and data-driven decision-making to cultivate campaigns that resonate with the audience and drive results. Forums like OAC Awards are a great way to recognise the hard work that went into making the awe-inspiring campaigns that are executed by various brands. Overall OOH fraternity works get highlighted and helps to establish a positive learning environment at an industry level.” 

Chetan Kasar, Sr. Art Director, The Brand Sigma, says, “When designing outdoor ads, simplicity is key. A cluttered ad can overwhelm the viewer and dilute the message. By keeping the design clean, uncluttered, and focused on the core message, brands can ensure that the key information is conveyed effectively. We work closely with various brand teams to understand the core message and propose innovative and engaging ideas that have the potential to amplify the campaign. One of the most crucial aspects of the art of outdoor advertising is its emotional impact on viewers. Ads that evoke a strong emotion are more likely to be remembered, shared and acted upon. OOH and DOOH ads that create powerful connections with your target audience can boost your brand awareness and send your sales surging. Awards like OAC provide a platform which recognises excellence that goes into planning and execution of OOH campaigns across India. Awards given out in such events are meaningful markers of achievement and catalysts for motivation and innovation.”


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