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At home media audience growing, says report

By M4G Bureau - March 25, 2020

City lockdowns in the wake of COVIC-19 pandemic hurting OOH

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a sizeable impact on the pattern of media consumption. There is a perceptible shift from out of home to at home media consumption. Jane Ostler, Global Head of Media, Insights, Kantar, said in a report, “We are seeing important shifts in media plans: notably in cinema (removal from plans where cinemas are shut, or a change in the plan where movies have been cancelled), OOH (reduction or removal as people stay at home and away from the usually high traffic sites). In France, Clear Channel have stopped printing and displaying OOH, to protect their employees”.

“In many markets we see media plans moving towards a primary shift to ‘at home’ channels. Where people are in lockdown or have to self-isolate, they turn to TV, streaming services, online, social radio, and also podcasts. In China there were recorded rises in TV and online usage. In Spain on 15 March, Kantar reported average household viewing of 6 hours. And in Italy, linear/connected/streamed TV usage is reported to be up by around 35%”, she adds.

The categories of brands which are postponing or cancelling planned campaigns include those in the travel or airline categories.

Advertisers are now being more sensitive to the context too: in programmatic deals sensitive keywords related to COVID-19 are being excluded. Across other sectors advertisers are also taking a cautionary approach and requesting omission from COVID-19-related content.


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