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Aerial advertising set to take off in India

By Bhawana Anand - December 06, 2019

Director General of Civil Aviation issues guidelines for aerial advertising in India

Internationally popular advertising concept, Aerial Advertising, is all set to become part of the Indian OOH advertising industry with the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) issuing new guidelines to accelerate it. “In many countries, banner towing is undertaken as an effective means of advertising. Some operators have shown interest in engaging in this activity in India,” states the circular. However, before permitting banner towing certain guidelines have to be complied with to ensure that the activity ensures public safety.

According to the circular, the ‘Qualified Pilot’ will have to undergo training and obtain DGCA approval for banner towing operation. For this purpose, the pilot shall produce the necessary certificates/ documentary evidence regarding the training. Also, the banner towing operations shall be restricted to hours between sunrise and sunset.

The tow rope will be allowed to drop only in a pre-designated area which is at least 500 feet away from persons, buildings, parked automobiles and aircraft. The operations will not be permitted over any congested area of a city, town or settlement or over any open-air assembly of persons at altitudes lower than 1000 ft, above the highest obstacle within a horizontal radius of 2000 ft. of the aircraft.

The authority has advised the concerned operator to submit details regarding the weight and balance of the aircraft with banner towing equipment installed on the aircraft for the approval. In order to maintain the safety, DGCA has clearly notified that the authority on determining satisfactory compliance with the above requirements may endorse the banner towing operations in the AOP/Authorization of NSOP/ individual as applicable to carry out banner towing operations prescribing the aircraft make and model. “If at any time it comes to the notice of the DGCA that unsafe conditions exist or these operations are being carried out jeopardizing safety, DGCA may suspend or revoke or cancel the permission,” states the circular.


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