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Srei dials in happiness through #HappyRainbowBox

By Ria Banerjee - March 06, 2018

Designed by Mindshare World and executed by Kinetic Worldwide, the campaign was launched in four major markets – Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Kolkata

Designed by Mindshare World and executed by Kinetic Worldwide, Srei, India’s largest holistic infrastructure services entity with interests in financing infrastructure projects and equipment and advisory services, has showcased an out-of-the-box DOOH “#Happy Rainbow Box” campaign in four major markets – Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Kolkata, to dial happiness as its raison d’etre. 

#HappyRainbowBox is a 360 degree campaign that encompasses both ALT and BLT marketing vehicles. Srei's core belief lies in encouraging hope, positivity and optimism as engines of progress and betterment. Since the idea is creative and the brand needs to be established more than what it is at present, it sought to earn a high recall value through the tagline “#spread the happy”.

With the DOOH campaign on Happy Rainbow Box, Srei aims to attract the attention of investors, entrepreneurs, potential employees and stakeholders with loads of happiness offered. Srei offers 9.5% PA Infra NCD’s plus 0.25% extra for senior citizens and existing investors.

About the campaign, Rajeeb Bhattacharya, VP, East and South Kinetic Worldwide said, “The primary objective of this campaign is to connect with investors so it was planned in a way as to reach primary target groups who can invest.”

In Kolkata, the 15-day DOOH innovation was executed in Alipore – an area that sees significant presence and movement of the brand’s target audience.

While Srei launched a TVC on Happy Rainbow Box, the outdoor campaign served as a reminder medium.

Amitava Sinha, Group Head - Corporate Communications and Brand Management, Srei Infrastructure Finance Ltd, said, "This campaign seeks to capture the core belief of Srei with Happy Rainbow Box as the metaphor. Considering this is perhaps the first time Srei is communicating with the general public whose lives we touch meaningfully but implicitly every day, we believe the #HappyRainbowBox will serve as an inspiring icon of our world view. We hope our message will encourage each of us to dip into our respective Happy Rainbow Boxes to inject just that little incremental dose of happiness and optimism around us.”


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