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PlayAds powers spectacular first-of-its-kind Nippon Q1 Mall 3D LED DOOH screen in Kochi

By M4G Bureau - August 21, 2023

The 3,283 sq.ft. DOOH screen is live on the exterior of Nippon Q1 Mall

PlayAds which has been at the forefront of visual media technological evolution in India has associated with Nippon Towers & Estate Kerala Pvt Ltd under the trade name DownTown Ads as the exclusive agency to operate a spectacular 3D LED screen at the Nippon Q1 Mall in the city of Kochi. The 3,283 sq.ft. P6 3D LED screen, reportedly the largest 3D LED screen installed for advertising anywhere in the country, is a game-changer for DOOH advertising.


Speaking about the launch of the spectacular media and the asset owner’s association with PlayAds, M A M Babu Moopan, CMD, Nippon Q1, has said: “Spanning vast dimensions and dominating the skyline, this association with PlayAds on the monumental 3D LED screen stands as a testament to our determination to stay at the forefront of modern entertainment and DOOH advertising”.

DOOH ad Q1 Mall kochi

DOOH ad video thumbnailLijoy Johny, Director, PlayAds added that “this spectacular 3D LED screen has the potential to revolutionise the way brands do their campaign. It transcends conventional viewing experiences, inviting audiences to immerse themselves in a world where imagination knows no bounds. Standing tall and captivating attention with its sheer scale, the mammoth LED screen has transcended conventional advertising norms. In a bustling world saturated with messages, this colossal display offers a fresh perspective and a captivating medium to engage audiences, all the while creating memorable brand experiences.”

PlayAds’ envisions to play its fair share in digitalisation of the country’s infrastructure. “We currently own 150+ larger format LED digital screens at railway stations across Kerala, all networked and controlled by niche technology” said Lijoy, while stating about the spectacular DOOH screen: “The future of advertising is here, and it's waiting for you to embrace it with open arms”. 


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