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Ludhiana’s new DOOH landmark

By Bhawana Anand - March 04, 2021

Leafberry’s unmissable 2,000 sq.ft LED media in Ludhiana demonstrates the changing face of DOOH in India and is already catching the attention of brands looking for high visibility and deeper connect with their audience

In the traditional format dominated Indian OOH industry, aesthetically designed digital media offering new advertising capabilities and is fast gaining traction. Leafberry’s new gigantic 2000 sq. ft. LED site in Ludhiana is one such piece of digital OOH that has drawn the attention of top brands.

Installed during the beginning of this year, the high-quality ACP media decked up with sequential lighting in the premium Ludhiana market area has already made its way to the outdoor media plans of brands. Hero Cycles and Coca-Cola are among the first to have their campaigns on the LED screen.

The concept is a brain child of Shavinder Singh Sandhu, Director, Leafberry; who has always sought to expand the horizon of his business. Leafberry collaborated with a regional architect for this media, which took almost a year to take shape. The new media is part of the Smart City plan designed by the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation. “While there have been a few digital sites in Ludhiana that were receiving positive response from clients, we wanted to go a step further and create an unmissable media that was on par with international standards,” shares Shavinder on the installation of the new DOOH media.

The site is certainly adding value to the city and to the media profile of Leafberry. Brands for their part too seem equally enthusiast about it, especially with traffic emerging back on roads, expanding the scope for audience reach and visibility. 

DOOH  value-add

Talking about the efficacy of the medium, a Hero Cycles spokesperson, says, “When used strategically, OOH as a media component adds a lot of value to overall campaign and brand visibility. Leafberry's new digital media is out there in clusters with its bright and vibrant showcase making a really good impact, especially at night. Some strategic locations of the digital media actually have the capability to play animated creatives which are hard to be missed, thus adding immense value to the brand campaigns. Using new digital media forms is particularly important to influence and attract the younger consumer bracket. It helps give a more contemporary identity to the brand. Leafberry's digital platform has certainly added value to our brand promotion strategies.”

Another brand is Coca-Cola, which included the new DOOH site for its latest on-going campaign named ‘Add Joy to Your Meals’. “Punjab & Haryana are crucial markets for the brand. Having an iconic site in that market added value to the campaign where the brand is able to display its film on a larger platform. The site is located at the perfect place giving an opportunity to engage the masses for the brand,” explains Raminder Singh, MD, Glo agency, the OOH arm of LUM, which handles OOH duties for the brand.

Highlighting the surging significance of the DOOH media, the Hero Cycles spokesperson adds, “Modes of advertising and display have diversified, thanks to the emergence of the digital medium. For any brand that is aiming at establishing a deep connect with the new age consumer, it is not possible to ignore these new platforms.”

ROI yield

In terms of the cost incurred on the medium, Raminder explains that it is quite minimal, especially  considering the scale of audience reach and the impact created for the brand. In fact, for Hero Cycles, the word of mouth buzz and feedback from reliable sources have certainly justified the investments.  “It’s not always easy to accurately calculate or estimate the ROI on OOH. However, we have received highly positive feedback on the execution of the site from multiple sources, including consumers as well as internal stakeholders. The reviews have been universally good. So, we can say with confidence that the campaign has left a highly positive impression on the consumer at large. It has also helped generate the much needed buzz around the brand,” says Hero Cycles spokesperson.

The overall impact of the site is also helping trigger deeper interests in the OOH medium by brands. “The new innovation has elevated our OOH plan for sure. With the right location and new features to get consumer attention, OOH has been an important inclusion basis the objective of the campaign. For us in Ludhiana, this new media has garnered significant attention and has worked to connect with consumers. So yes, we believe it has added value to our brand campaign strategies,” sums up the Hero Cycles Spokesperson.




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