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‘DOOH media communicates much more effectively than classic media’

By M4G Bureau - August 18, 2017

Tim Bleakley, CEO, Ocean Outdoor, talks about the Group’s pioneering DOOH media initiatives and investments, and what it took to develop super-premium, iconic media sites. Edited excerpts of the interview:

Ocean Outdoor specialises in large format digital super premium formats. How did Ocean Outdoor position itself in such a super-premium segment where business success is not very easy for many organisations?

Let me introduce you to the format in which the Ocean Group operates. We operate two business brands -- Ocean Outdoor and Signature Outdoor. Signature Outdoor specialises in smaller formats -- digital products that are very hi-tech and Ocean Outdoor specialises in super-premium large formats.

When we started on this voyage, our home sector generally speaking was operated by contractors who were looking at things in a very specific, smaller poster basis. Our ambition was to create a brand around DOOH where we wanted to carefully select very specific locations and then build high-end spectacular products in and around the location. We focused on creating unique products under our brand banner that are iconic and famous within the cities where these screens exist. We aimed at being a network of screens or a package of screens in locations that are famous in the United Kingdom. The Piccadilly Lights and the IMAX, Waterloo, which is the largest and most unique advertising canvas in Europe -- made more impactful with the latest LED lighting -- are some of our initiatives in positioning ourselves in the super-premium segment.

Would you enlighten us on some of the real challenges that you faced in your voyage in this segment?

Off course, a lot of the guys who have helped build the Ocean Group come from various media background like commercial radio, television and traditional advertising business. So we have got a great mix of skill sets and we apply that thinking to the location. If you put a fantastic screen in a great location, it is bound to deliver to a stronger audience. The core of what we do is to carefully think about how a particular screen would communicate with the audience in a given location.

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