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Tourism industry back to wooing travelers with airport advertising

By M4G Bureau - February 18, 2021

State tourism brands are leveraging JCDecaux properties at the Bangalore International Airport to highlight their respective tourism landmarks and attract travelers.

Tourism industry, which was hit hard by the pandemic, seems to be finally gaining back its momentum with brands in the segment reviving their budgets on OOH advertising.

With restrictions getting lifted, people are starting to travel again. Seizing this opportunity, Gujrat Tourism has decked up the colossal billboard, a JCDecaux property, on the road leading to the Bengaluru International Airport (BIAL), to promote the festival of Rann Utsav at Kutch, Gujrat.

The brand communicates with a creative showcasing the white desert of Gujrat along with the necessary information to make audiences aware and build a positive brand perception. Gujrat Tourism attracts audiences’ attention from a distance with its big canvas and interactive creative.

JCDecaux, the world’s largest outdoor advertising company owns exclusive advertising rights at the Bengaluru International Airport.

Another state, Tamil Nadu, famous for its majestic temples, is also leveraging the strategically located lightboxes at the airport to give audiences a glimpse of its monuments, like the famous Brihadeeswar Temple in Thanjavur. The idea is to capture travelers in a relaxed state of mind for better engagement and them a reason to plan their next trip to the state.

There is also Karnataka, the land of wildlife and national parks, with its Jungle Lodges and Resorts, making its presence at the airport. The brand advertises on a huge billboard on the road approaching the airport, making audiences aware of India’s first eco-tourism destination.

“With tourism industry getting back on its feet, we were hoping to have more tourism brands onboard with us. As life has gone back to its old self, travel enthusiasts across the country have been more than pleased. Tactfully, considering this the right time to tap the audiences at the airport,  these tourism brands used the opportunity to connect to the fullest. With JCDecaux media, the brands leveraged high visibility at specific touchpoints that are hard-to-miss and garnered maximum attention. Not to forget, the increasing footfall at BIAL (an opening to many Southern tourist destinations of India) the brands have enhanced reach and more audiences to cater to. We are more than elated to have tourism industry advertising with JCDecaux India,” says Raheel Amjad, Deputy MD, JCDecaux India.



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