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There's nothing like OOH for Australia Tourism...

By Bhawana Anand - March 26, 2014

It\'s now the turn of the Tourism sector to capitalize on the OOH medium and convert audience into potential travellers. The latest to have done this is Australia Tourism which has built a fancy OOH campaign in association with Brandscope agency. The campaign showcases the unique possibilities in store for tavellers headed towards the land of Kangaroos. Read on to know more...

Australia Tourism and Brandscope agency rolled out an OOH campaign called,'There's nothing like Australia'. With an aim to attract travelers, the campaign communicates Australia as a pefect tourist destination offering exceptional possibilities. The tourism body's brief to the agency was to create an impactful campaign with high visibility .  The campaign has been exclusively rolled out in Mumbai for a duration of three weeks.

The campaign's appeal lay in the attractive images, colors and copy showcasing different concepts related to Australia as a tourist destination highlighting aspects such as penguins, open zoos, aquariums and dining places. Additionally, the copy strikes an emotional chord with the audiences with lines such as: 'The only aquarium visible from space','Get front row seats to the world's smallest parade', and'Discover a zoo without fences' etc.       

The campaign has been deployed mainly at arterial roads, malls and high-traffic areas.  The parameters included availability of the right impact media and high traffic areas offering enough recall time. Accordingly innovations were built to enhance visibility.

In terms of formats however, only large format billboards have been utilized. Sharing the strategy behind this, Fabian Cowan, Vice President - Brandscope India said, "In order to support the brief, which was creating impact and visibility, billboards were the obvious option considering size and innovation possibilities. Tourism advertising is about creating great imagery and serving that image in an innovative way so that the brand generates talk-ability. Billboards are therefore best suited to address this objective.”

It was quite an ordeal for the agency to  get the best sites in the city at the right time and at the right price. Also, the campaign came with subtle innovations that needed minute and precise executional capabilities which are reflected in the final output. Nevertheless, the agency believed that these challenges were instrumental in bringing out the best, making the campaign more visible and effective.

The campaign seems to have worked well for the tourism body as the visibility of the campaign has been enhanced substantially, thanks to the innovations that are being done.

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