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McDonald’s tempts foodies with multiple offers displayed on mall media

By Pray Jani - January 14, 2020

The campaign was executed by MOMS at Mumbai’s high-end malls

McDonald’s targets its audience and knock the competition off their perch with a single campaign. MOMS executed an OOH campaign for the fast food brand by targeting malls with high footfall. The brand communicated it's McDonald’s McSaver Asli Bachat Offer 1 + 1 = 59 with unlimited new combinations of Burgers, Fries and drinks and to intensify the McCafe 1+1 offer at flat 149/- across all the top footfall Malls in Mumbai.

The primary parameters for shortlisting the top malls were footfalls and no. of competitor present in the mall. The entire planning & selection of mall media for the campaign were done using Madison Suite of Tools which helps in choosing the touchpoints frequented by the TG & best site (based on the Visibility Index of sites) in the vicinity of the required touchpoint. The strategy used was to create impact and top of mind awareness among the core TG, impact Mall plan was deployed using impactful properties in the market.

Impactful mall façades, Dropdowns, Pillars and LED were deployed across Malls as the dwell time at malls is higher and prominent media thereby offering higher audience engagement. The campaign was successful igeneratwe the desired visibility through the deployment of large impactful format and TG touchpoints.

A total of 12 units, including large mall media facade, dropdown, LED screens, and pillars were taken.


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