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Cricket.com captures cricket maniacs with pDOOH campaign

By M4G Bureau - March 03, 2020

Cricket.com goes Programmatic with Eyetalk Media Ventures, buys DOOH spots mapped with Team India’s cricket calendar

In a one-of-a-kind and trendsetting initiative, Cricket.com has rolled out an extensive Programmatic DOOH campaign with Eyetalk Media Ventures, mapped with the Indian Cricket Team’s calendar.

Starting from January 24 with the India vs New Zealand T20 series, the campaign is spread out across both Eyetalk’s integrated DOOH networks – BizTalk- a JV with DRSTI, targeting urban Indian millennials at premium tech and business hubs during weekdays, and with TagTalk, tapping them at top rated pubs and cafes on weekends.

Considering India’s love for cricket, the initiative is aimed at satiating the fanatics’ curiosity to know live match score updates and win prediction using dynamic Cricket.com API, and a QR code for downloading the Cricket.com app for more.

This is a perfect synergy between the power of technology and content to connect with the digitally driven audience about a sport Indians love.

The strategic spot based campaign has been executed in Mumbai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad on 500+ live displays reaching both young millennials and over 1.5 million professionals daily from global companies like IBM, Cisco, KPMG, EY, Accenture, Amazon, Google, Siemens, TCS, EY, Capgemini etc with time and impression based targeting for higher brand recall and engagement.

" While the second screen experience for cricket in India has been evolving with time, we wanted to reach out to the audience which engages itself with the desired stats about the game and also consumes the live updates. The strategically aligned locations which were facilitated by Biztalk and Tagtalk aids our overall strategy in being able to promote our product to the right TG at the right time", Siddharth Jena, Head Marketing – Cricket.com

“As technology, data and infrastructure are seamlessly coming together to enable a new era of efficiency and effectiveness DOOH is emerging as a powerhouse bridging gap between offline and online transforming how brands connect with audiences in the physical world.”

Collaborating with team Cricket.com we layered behavioural metrics with location data mapped with team India’s calendar making campaign more targeted and more relevant to the predominant audience present at the time. With day parting and live update integration using HTML we were effectively able to amplify brand message to create a deeper level of engagement with the audience”, Gautam Bhirani, Managing Director, Eyetalk Media Ventures.


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