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Asian Paints Royal Play(s) well with traffic signal with DOOH approach

By Pray Jani - October 21, 2019

Handled by MOMS, a digital site was programmed to change creative with the change of traffic signal in Pune

Asian Paint’s Royal Play comes to the OOH space to tap the festive spirit with the goal to spread awareness during the pre-festive season, and generate a buzz during this time. In the Indian culture, this festival calls for a re-do, cleaning and decorating of the house making this time right before the festival to be the right one to spread out the message.

DOOH playing greater role for brands in their outdoor campaigns, MOMS, an Outdoor unit of Madison World, tests programmatic DOOH, showcasing the grand possibilities it can bring to the outdoor advertising industry, and the benefits it can reap for brands. A 360-degree OOH campaign has been planned and executed across media such as conventional media, malls, corporate parks, pubs, cinema and transit formats to ensure maximum reach and desired impact.

With technology-led innovations and digital integrations, a billboard was taken in Pune at key strategic junctions. 3 creatives (Red, Yellow and Green) were synchronized with traffic signal light where the creative changed with the changing traffic signal (e.g. when the traffic signal turned red, the red creative played). The activity’s idea aimed to showcase that there is a texture/ colour of Royale Play for every time and every mood in life.

Additionally on static, an innovation was executed to highlight the textures (Binge Watch & Music Cove), backlit jut-out of patches were done with sequential lighting giving it an effect of a painting pattern. The Royale Play logo was done using backlit acrylic letters. Almost all bus shelters in Mumbai that were used in the campaign, were masked in the color of the creative used for visual enhancement.

Commenting on the campaign Jayesh Yagnik, Chief Operating Officer, MOMS says, “Like they always say that there is a very thin line between doing different things and doing things differently and we at MOMS with our experience and suite of planning tools have mastered both.”

Due to the efforts of MOMS, the brand was successfully able to reach out to about a million customers in Pune, only in a span of 5 days.

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