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Aditya Birla Capital launches multi-city campaign to promote Multi Asset Allocation Fund

By M4G Bureau - July 20, 2023

Spread across 17 cities and utilizing more than 1,000 media units, the campaign was executed by Platinum Outdoor.

To raise awareness for their Multi Asset Allocation Fund category, Aditya Birla Capital Sunlife Mutual Fund has rolled out an OOH campaign across 17 cities in India.A variety of high-traffic locations were identified for the campaign to ensure visibility and impact. These locations included arterial roads, intersections, and residential en-route areas.

Aditya Birla Mutual fund campaign at airport

To ensure that the brand's message reached consumers in diverse environments, multiple media formats were utilized, including billboards, bus queue shelters, DOOH (Digital Out-of-Home) metro internal panels, and airport branding. DOOH media was maximized by leveraging large format and video-based creatives to capture audience attention. A wide spectrum of media coverage across 17 cities including top 8 metros and tier 2 markets and 1000+ media units have left a lasting impression and built positive brand perceptions among consumers.

Speaking on the campaign, Darshana Shah, Head - Marketing & CX, Aditya Birla Capital said, “At Aditya Birla Capital, the attempt has always been to simplify people's money needs but with a compelling story, every time. With this Investor education campaign, we wanted to highlight the fact that diversification of portfolio is the key to manage market volatility and risks. And, how investing in a 3-in-1 'Multi Asset Allocation Fund' can give you benefits of three assets classes - Equity, Debt and Gold together, with a possibility of growth and stability. We are happy to get associated with Platinum Outdoor and their efforts indeed emphasise the advantages of our #3in1TohInvestmentDone campaign".

Aditya Birla OOH campaign overview

Dipankar Sanyal, CEO, Platinum Outdoor and MRP also commented, “Aditya Birla Capital effortlessly ticks all the boxes when it comes to executing a remarkable outdoor campaign. Our teams have been exhilarated by the opportunity to strategize and implement such a grand-scale campaign. The impact that the campaign has already made on the brand is nothing short of extraordinary”.


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