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Adidas inspires young athletes in this art-inspired campaign

By M4G Bureau - December 06, 2021

The brand has teamed up with St+art India Foundation to revamp the basketball court of Mumbai’s St. Andrews High School, and created a larger-than-life canvas to deliver an impactful yet simple message: ‘We See Possibilities, When We Come Together’.

adidas, has once again teamed up with St+art India Foundation to revamp the basketball court of Mumbai’s St. Andrews High School, innovatively fusing the world of art and sports as a medium for powerful storytelling around credibility in sports.

Fueled by its core belief - ‘Through sport we have the power to change lives’, adidas has created a larger-than-life canvas to inspire the world and deliver an impactful yet simple message:  ‘We See Possibilities, When We Come Together’.

The striking urban arts intervention is yet another initiative by the brand to amplify its larger, ‘Impossible is Nothing’ narrative with a central focus on the importance of team spirit and collaboration in breaking new ground and achieving shared goals.

Speaking about the initiative, Sunil Gupta, Senior Director, Brand adidas, India said, “At adidas, ‘Impossible is Nothing’ is more than a campaign – it’s our attitude. Seeing possibilities is key to achieving our purpose of changing lives through the power of sport. This attitude is what inspires us and all our efforts, including this initiative. This spectacular artwork captures the spirit of teamwork, inspiring young athletes to adopt the ‘We over Me’ mentality, because its only when we come together, we can drive change and achieve the impossible. We envision the basketball court at St. Andrews High School to be a canvas that inspires and connects various communities to see a world of limitless possibilities”.

Rendered by French artist Chifumi Krohom, the artwork features the artist’s signature motif of ‘hands’ depicted in a pop-art style, with bold lines and bright colours that are famous for expressing culturally relevant meanings through the cities where he travels. The piece focuses one of the most important and iconic moments right before a sporting event or a match – ‘a team huddle’.

To highlight this universal moment in sports culture, the design includes different hands of both boys and girls, while also incorporating different skin tones and colors to extend the message of equality and highlight the importance of diversity at large. The unique energy that sports and togetherness release for both the players and the public has been captured through the standout colors as well as the circular composition to deliver a piece that is palpable in its energy and vibrancy.

The entire artwork has also been framed with a bold typography that reads a simple yet impactful  message “We See Possibilities, When We Come Together’. The insightful claim on the turf aimsto propagate and bring to life the important and relevant message around teamwork, collaboration, and inclusion. Against the backdrop of this newly revamped court, adidas & St+art India aim to encourage the youth to view sports culture through the lens of a ‘we over me’ mentality, while turning the court itself into a cultural hotspot that fosters community building.

Seaking about it Giulia Ambrogi, Co-founder, St+art India Foundation, says, “We are stoked by the collaboration with adidas that once more brings together art and sport, fueling the vision of an active lifestyle accessible to all. We also hope to stimulate positive thinking through the artwork by Chifumi which focuses on equality and togetherness as fundamental shared values.”

Artist Chifumi Krohom adds, “It is definitely one dream from my childhood that is happening now! I played basketball for over 10 years before being a street artist. I can’t describe the feeling of the reunification from my old passion and my current one: mural painting. It is kind of like the young boy I was, with his hopes and dreams, is teaming up with the today me.”

Fr. Magi Murzello, St. Andrews High School, adds, "I was overwhelmed by the social impact of the previous artwork messaging on our school's basketball court that was unveiled last year on International Women's Day. This year too, I am sure that the new message which celebrates togetherness in sport and makes a bold statement against social prejudices will make a positive difference. The artwork under the feet of the young people who play on this court is sure to inspire them to reach higher and achieve their dreams. I am extremely grateful for this wonderful initiative that proves that through sports, we can definitely, 'be the change’.”


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