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Xtreme Media launches new digital signage in light of the COVID-19 Pandemic

By Pray Jani - April 30, 2020

A digital signage called XM Aegis has been designed for communication purpose along with hand-sanitiser dispenser for public places

Xtreme Media announces the launch of its latest XM Aegis- digital signage with dispenser facility in the wake of new market requirements owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. The lockdown has left only a few numbers of locations open for public, with certain protocols to be maintained and hand- sanitization is one of the essential requirements. Hence the Mumbai-based digital solution provider came up with a digital display screen, which can be mounted on a wall or a standee, also has a dispenser for the masses.

Live news updates, crowd and token management, touch screen facility and targeted advertising are some of the key functions of this product. The XM Aegis is featured with internet connectivity, Android operative system and in-built audio. Additionally, it can be centrally managed, and has a full HD display with refill alerts for the dispenser.

The digital solution provider believes that as the banks and other essential service sector remain functional, a product like this can be very vital in these spaces. Wherein in the near future, as the education institutes open up, they will also be in need of such a product. These locations have a constant need to communicate with the people within the vicinity.

The product design can undergo changes required to fit the unique needs in the coming days. XM Aegis can be positioned within the premise of the institutions as a platform for communication. The location of placement will face high interactivity during these times as people will line up to get their hands sanitized, and simultaneously engage with the message on screen.



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