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Jabalpur Division passes ad rights for multiple stations

By Pray Jani - December 10, 2019

The West-Central Railway’s Jabalpur Division requests for bids for advertising rights, for multiple stations

Jabalpur Division of West-Central Railway calls for bids before 27.12.2019 for advertising rights through glow signs at 10 different locations. The stations specified in the tender are, Rewa, Satna, Maihar, Katni, Katni Murwara, MadanMahal, Narsinghpur, Pipariya and Gadarwara.

The position of glow signs comprises of FOB, waiting rooms, platforms and concourse area. Apart from this, circulating area of platform 1 at Jabalpur Station, in front of Neelambari Officer rest House is also included in the tender. The rights will be given for a period of 5 years.

Another tender passed by the division gives rights for advertising on advertising boards across 17 stations. Rewa, Jaitwara, Unchehra, Maihar, Katni, Katni Murwara, katni South ,Beohari, Bargavan, Sihora Road, Bandakpur, Damoh, Pathariya, Makroniya, SaUGOR, Khurai,Bina malkhedi, are the stations where the ad rights are given.

The EMD value for glow signs is Rs. 55,000/- and Rs. 2,04,000/- for advertising boards.

The advertising value for glow signs media for the respective stations is Rs. Rs, 5,16,300/- and that of advertising boards at the respective stations is Rs. 19,41,200/-.

An escalation of 10% for each year after the 3rd year of completion will be applied on the license fee.

Further details can be found here for glow signs and advertising boards.



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