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Atin OOH crafts unique green format at Pune airport

By Bhawana Anand - April 09, 2018

The company has created a breathing wall with plants planted on it that also houses an 8ft x 4ft display area; green materials will be used for advertising displays

In furthering the green goals of OOH business, Atin OOH & Promotions has created a unique 12ft x 8ft breathing wall near the conveyor belt in the arrival hall at the Pune Airport. The breathing wall which has small plants planted on it, houses an 8ft x 4ft display area. Atin Gupta, MD, Atin OOH & Promotions, explains: “This initiative is a further step toward being more environmentally responsible and a noble cause to give back to the environment. We thought of doing our bit for reducing the carbon footprint”. Not just that. The innovative format gives any advertiser on the space a strong brand positioning as the format itself is very eye-catching in an airport that sees some 7 lakh passenger movement every month.

To make it 100% green, the format is lit up with LED lights that consume less power. Also, the company is looking at using materials other than flex for the display. “In partnership with Macromedia Digital Imaging, we are on the look out for greener printing options that are not harmful to the environment”. Green materials do cost more but Atin OOH is prepared to absorb that.

Maintaining the plants on the site also poses some challenges. For this, the company has trained people to maintain the site and to ensure that the plants are healthy.

The site will be open for advertising in a couple of weeks. The company plans to take this concept to a few other destinations too where the country holds ad rights. “Definitely, it is in the plan but first we want to make sure that this site works properly and our staff gets trained to handle such media,” sums up Atin.  



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