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Wrogn hits the streets to innovatively highlight citizen woes, tackle common issues

By M4G Bureau - October 12, 2017

MOMS Outdoor Media Services planned and executed the innovative campaign in Mumbai and Bengaluru

USPL brand kicked off a massive OOH campaign for its youth centric clothing brand Wrogn named ‘Find your cause’ with an aim to act as an alarm bell to persuade its TG to take the lead in sorting out the said issue. Positioning Wrogn as a change-inducer, 3 creatives with CSR messages such as calling the youth to end plastic litter, unclog the streets and water wastage, were a part of the ‘Find your cause’ campaign while building goodwill for the brand.

In collaboration with MOMS Outdoor Media Services, the campaign was kicked off in Mumbai and Bengaluru – cities known for their traffic woes. The agency associated the traffic issue with OOH medium quite efficiently and innovatively by using OOH not merely as a visibility medium but as a socially meaningful enabler. A jam-packed high-traffic location was identified to communicate about the issue as well as provide alternative solutions around the same.  A larger-than-life cut-out of brand ambassador Virat Kohli was placed on the billboard showcasing keeping an eye on the traffic condition wherein next to him an LED screen simultaneously displayed clogged routes and areas, to be avoided by the commuters.

Marquee billboards, bus-shelters and gantries were taken in Mumbai and Bengaluru to create high impact. The agency ensured strong presence on key arterial routes and catchment areas to help build the required, high-impact buzz through large impactful sites. For creating reach and repeat-visibility, bus-shelters were deployed on major youth-centric areas. Through strategic site selection, the brand was able to dominate fashion & lifestyle-centric stretches like Bandra – Juhu – Andheri as well.

Jayesh Yagnik, COO, MOMS commented on the campaign, “Wrogn has come up with this unique campaign theme which is #FINDYOURCAUSE under which different themes were developed and one of them was ‘Unclog the streets’.   In our constant endeavour to do things differently, we came up with this inimitable idea of giving live updates to commuter about the traffic condition in the city. People can not only see this update but also can alter their routes if required depending on traffic condition. Wrogn which is one of the youth centric brand growing aggressively has given opportunities to us to look at OOH differently along with create massive visibility in around the targeted areas“.




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