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‘Translate OOH measurability, planning, and strategy into tangible outcomes’

By M4G Bureau - March 01, 2024

Amit Kapoor, Founder & MD of US Advertising highlights the pivotal role of technology in raising OOH’s accountability standards, efficiency and impact; highlights role of DDX Asia as an industry-level initiative

Amit Kapoor

“In today’s world, creating recall value for your brand is crucial to make an impact. And nothing does this better than the larger-than-life spirit of outdoor,” Amit Kapoor, Founder & MD of US Advertising, tells Media4Growth, while summing up his observations on the role of OOH in a digital driven world. 

Amit’s vision, since the inception of US Advertising in 2000, has been to walk with the times, whilst staying true to soul that is outdoors. This meant that the solutions the company offered to its clients had to keep pace with changing dynamics in the OOH space, with strategy being a core element. The offerings range from ROI driven outdoor campaigns to KPMG audited proprietary AI tools specifically curated to optimise and sharpen decision-making in media and campaign strategies. 

Change is the only constant 

Highlighting the pace of evolution in the OOH sphere, Amit says,  “In these past years, the messaging has evolved as much as the medium of advertising. All those years back, outdoor just meant a billboard with a logo and a lot of branding. When mediums like the radio and the internet evolved, the concept of integration came into existence. Now, while putting up a hoarding, one has to think about how this can lead the onlookers to the brand’s website or social media and so on.”

He further emphasises why OOH is an inevitable extension to a brand’s communication on other mediums, “Out-of-home messaging gives the brand a larger-than-life image that helps them register what they come across on social media or on the internet. Seeing is believing. Hearing, not necessarily. So if you miss out the OOH leg of a campaign you miss out on creating that impact on the audience.”

Going beyond the Excel sheet

Speaking about how US Advertising has managed to crave a niche in the industry, Amit says, “Our client-centric planning process is our USP.” He further explains how each campaign is different from the other; each customised as per the goals, needs and brief from the client. However, Amit acknowledges the challenges posed by the industry's current focus on price over creativity. “Creativity has to take a little sideline just to make sure that we also win the price war. Luckily, campaigns with the government set a good example when it comes to this. They give 70% vantage to your planning strategy, which is something that has not yet made it to the corporate sector, where everything just boils down to an Excel sheet.” 

Why DDX Asia matters

Further, in the context of addressing the challenges and requirements of all stakeholders in the OOH ecosystem, Amit acknowledges the need for a platform like DDX Asia, the one-stop exhibition of digital display solutions for the retail and OOH industries organised by VJ Media Works. “I think this is the only platform that binds this entire industry, bringing clients, vendors and agencies on one single platform, so that each is aware of the innovations and developments that are happening in the technology space. However, the limitation is that even though the consumers, the intermediaries and the suppliers get to express their views at forums like these, most of it is gets left behind. It doesn’t make it to the practice level in the industry.” 

Amit however is optimistic about the progress the industry can make as a whole. “One is hopeful that one fine day we will be able to exhibit and bring all that we discuss in terms of measurability, planning, and strategy into action.”


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