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‘OOH is the best way to connect with local audience’

By N Jayalakshmi - December 27, 2021

ITeS firm Plaxonic recently rolled out an OOH campaign in Delhi NCR to promote the logo of their upcoming hyperlocal marketplace app Evobee. Shaan Rizvi, CEO & Founder, Plaxonic, talks about the brand’s approach to OOH and how it leveraged the medium, in an interview to N Jayalakshmi.

Shaan Rizvi, PlaxonicWhat were key factors you looked at when you chose the OOH medium to promote the logo of your hyperlocal marketplace app Evobee?

Our product is a hyperlocal application and our goal is to reach out to the local audience. Our understanding is that OOH is the best way to connect with the local audience. We are starting with a small area, and we thought OOH would be the most effective way to impact this area. We are in fact trying all the mediums initially, and not just OOH, to have some data to compare and analyse later on and decide what would work best for us. And yes, this is the first time we are using the OOH medium.

Our product is helping both local businesses and consumers. Having visibility among the businesses and consumers would make us a part of the community and would help us build trust. It would make everyone feel like it is a part of their society, which is what our goal is and that’s where OOH comes in.     

How has been the response to the OOH campaign?  Any tangible results you'd like to share?

The response has been excellent. People are talking about it. We have heard words about the intriguing campaign in our network, and we believe it is making some impact. We do not have any tangible results to share since we are in the pre-launch phase. We will have some data once the app is launched. 

Who did you partner with for the OOH campaign?

We partnered with the Ghaziabad and Noida development authorities for the space. Our in-house teams designed the banners.

Are you planning similar campaigns again in the near future? Any specific formats or locations you would be targeting?  

Yes, we will be planning similar campaigns in the future. We would expand the campaign to new areas. Our next locations are going to be Delhi & Gurugram.

Roughly what percentage of your marketing budgets did you allot for OOH?

Pre-Launch: 50%

Post-Launch: 30% 
Sustenance mode: 20% 

What factors do you think can make the OOH medium deliver more for advertisers like you? What are your expectations from the medium?

Marketing is all about visibility, and OOH campaigns leave a strong mark on viewers' minds. If they look at the same banner/ billboard over 7-8 times, it remains in their brain for life. It also makes your presence stronger since not all target viewers are online. It improves the chances of interactions and would catch everyone's gaze at least once.


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