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‘In OOH the possibilities for creativity are truly expansive’

By M4G Bureau - January 24, 2024

Creativity is not limited to ground-breaking technologies or never-seen-before concepts. Ritesh Chaudhary, Chief Creative Officer, ideacafe, says it's about finding fresh perspectives, crafting compelling narratives, and connecting with the audience on a visceral level.

Ritesh Chaudhary

OOH provides great scope for creativity, and yet the OOH landscape in India does not see a high level of creativity everywhere. In your view, is creativity essentially about innovations or does it apply to every campaign that is launched?

In the realm of OOH advertising, the canvas is vast, and the possibilities for creativity are truly expansive. It's like having a playground where we can let our imagination run wild. However, when we look at the OOH landscape in India, it's evident that not every corner is painted with the brushstrokes of creativity.

Now, let's address the question: Is creativity all about innovations, or does it extend to every campaign launched? As a creative professional, I firmly believe that creativity is the lifeblood of every successful campaign, irrespective of its scale or innovation level.

Innovation is undoubtedly a powerful tool in our creative arsenal—it allows us to break new ground, surprise the audience, and elevate the overall impact of a campaign. However, creativity is not limited to ground-breaking technologies or never-seen-before concepts. It's about finding fresh perspectives, crafting compelling narratives, and connecting with the audience on a visceral level.

Every campaign, whether it's a small local promotion or a high-tech marvel, can benefit from a creative touch. It's about understanding the unique aspects of the brand, the message, and the target audience, and then infusing that understanding with a spark of creativity. It's the difference between a bland, forgettable message and one that resonates, sticks in people's minds, and drives engagement.

So, as a creative professional, my approach is to foster creativity in every campaign. Whether it's a daring innovation or a simple yet impactful idea, the goal is to ensure that creativity is a constant companion in our work. After all, the essence of OOH lies not just in the spaces we occupy but in the stories we tell, and creativity is the key to telling those stories in a way that captivates, resonates, and leaves a lasting impression.

What are the typical challenges that you see when handling the creative side of campaigns, and how do you raise the creative quotient of campaigns?

Handling the creative side of OOH campaigns comes with its set of challenges, and as a creative guy, navigating these hurdles is an integral part of the job.

One common challenge is the limited space for communication. OOH relies on quick, impactful messages, and condensing a brand's essence into a concise visual or message can be demanding. Striking the right balance between brevity and impact is crucial. 

Another challenge is the diverse audience. OOH campaigns often target a broad demographic, and finding a creative approach that resonates with various segments can be challenging. It requires understanding the cultural nuances and preferences of different regions.

Additionally, the static nature of traditional billboards can sometimes make campaigns feel one-dimensional. Overcoming this limitation and infusing dynamism into static visuals can be a creative puzzle.

Crafting a narrative, even in a limited space, helps create an emotional connection with the audience. It's about conveying a message that goes beyond a mere advertisement and resonates with people on a personal level. Keeping an eye on emerging technologies and trends is another aspect. Integrating interactive elements or leveraging digital platforms can add an extra layer of engagement to OOH campaigns.

In essence, overcoming the challenges in OOH creativity involves a combination of understanding the brand, collaboration, storytelling, and staying adaptive to technological advancements. It's about transforming limitations into opportunities and ensuring that every OOH campaign stands out creatively in the vast landscape of outdoor advertising.

How much does recognition of creativity matter for the team, and in that context, tell us how awards win matter, such as, winning OAA awards?

Recognition of creativity is a significant driving force for any creative team, acting as both a morale booster and a validation of our collective efforts. Winning awards, such as the Outdoor Advertising Awards (OAA), adds an extra layer of significance to this recognition.

For the team, knowing that our work is acknowledged and celebrated within the industry is immensely motivating. It serves as a testament to the talent, dedication, and innovative spirit that the team brings to each project. Recognition fosters a sense of pride and reinforces the belief that our creative endeavours are making an impact.

Awards, particularly those from respected platforms like OAA, carry weight in the industry. They not only highlight the excellence of a particular campaign but also enhance the credibility of the creative team and the agency as a whole. Clients and partners often take note of these accolades, recognising the agency as a hub of creativity and excellence.

Beyond personal and professional validation, winning awards serves as a benchmark for the team's creative standards. It encourages us to consistently raise the bar, push boundaries, and explore new realms of creativity. The pursuit of awards becomes a driving force for continuous improvement and innovation.

As a creative professional, I see these awards not only as accolades for past achievements but as fuel for the team's future endeavours, inspiring us to keep pushing the boundaries of creativity in the dynamic landscape of outdoor advertising.


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