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‘I had a dream for my company to be listed on the stock exchange’

By Rajiv Raghunath - December 19, 2022

Yogesh Lakhani, Chairman & Managing Director of Bright Outdoor Media, talks about the OOH company’s business journey toward getting listed on the BSE SME Exchange, in an interview with Rajiv Raghunath. Edited excerpts:

Yogesh Lakhani, Chairman & MD, Bright Outdoor MediaWhat is the principal objective of having Bright Outdoor Media listed on the BSE SME Exchange?

Bright Outdoor Media commenced its business in the year 1980 as an outdoor media company. Bright was recognised as one of the top leading OOH media organisations and is spreading its footprint rapidly across the country. So, whenever you need an OOH advertising medium, you can just rely on Bright as it can provide you with a cost-effective, long-lasting and necessary reach and frequency service. Over the past three decades, Bright has grown immensely and is recognised as one of the topmost leading service providers in this field of OOH advertising. This was all possible because of the hard work, consistency, commitment and sincerity of all the people working for Bright, and as per the vision which I had for Bright to become a public listed company, the move was taken. Always want to dare to do new things and be the talk of town.

Why have you opted for listing on the SME Exchange?

I had a dream for my company to be listed on the stock exchange but due to the pandemic the billing cycle had gone haywire. Now, as per the guidelines we qualify for listing on the BSE SME Exchange.

What criteria have you met for the listing, and what factors will ensure the success of your company’s listing on the SME exchange?

All the parameters as set by the exchange have been met. We are a 43-year-old entity and we follow all the governing norms.  We shall sustain the same in order to ensure and deliver the value for money and returns as declared and in the interest of our investors to always have the required results and returns.

What plans do you have for the growth and diversification of Bright Outdoor Media in 2023 and beyond?

After successfully publicising the effectiveness of OOH advertising and providing various novel communication solutions to clients, Bright Outdoor Media will continue to offer an abundance of futuristic services and solutions to the clients. Some of the key goals are:

  • Conversion of existing billboards to state-of the-art high-end LED screens product at prime locations at the earliest as per the guidelines given by the concerned governing authorities.
  • Launch ventures pan-India by acquiring existing entities or developing new ones.
  • Drive new ventures in Railway networks pan-India, providing information on the LED screens for the convenience, information required by the traveller and entertainment while waiting for the trains in the waiting room and the corridor platforms.
  • Going solar and support the Green initiatives by adopting ‘Go Green’ practices. Here, we would also aim to convert or build new sites that are powered by solar energy.
  • Establish national and international ties-up and gain access to the latest technologies.
  • And many more in the pipeline, as the journey to success continues.

Do you see this setting-off similar plans for listing by other OOH firms, and how this will also contribute to Indian OOH growth?

Success is not just a matter of desire but a product of hard work. I always believe that if the vision is clear the future is Bright. I am a risk taker and dare to take up the latest technology. If I succeed in this venture, it becomes a milestone and a set of standards for others to emulate. I aspire to set global standards for Indian OOH, that in turn will power the industry growth.


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