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By M4G Bureau - June 25, 2015 and Coral media bring in a merger of transit and billboard mediums to reach out to the TG

The job market is incessantly buzzing with people looking to hire and to be hired. Bridging this gap between the two is, which aims to provide professionals with an opportunity that matches their credentials. The company that started out as, made its transition into the wider job seekers market recently. With hitting the top end of the pyramid quickly and technology and product being in place, the challenge was to leverage the existing customers that they had and firmly establish the new venture. This transition from to and a call out for job-seekers, were extensively presented on the outdoor campaign executed by Coral Media.

On the planning and execution of the campaign, Lekshuman Annamalai, of Coral Media, stated, "The target audience that Hiree focuses on is mainly the young IT professionals since attrition rate is quite high in the IT industry. Our research also threw up the fact that this target audience has a high affinity for OOH media since they travel to offices in their companies' shuttle services, cabs or their own vehicles. Since the IT hubs are concentrated in certain parts of a city, we decided to drive visibility using large format hoardings focused towards these IT Hubs. Hiree targeted them during their commute to and from their workplaces.” is the brainchild of the Abhijit Khasnis and Manjunath Talwar, the two co-founders of the company. Abhijit Khasnis, COO and Co-founder, is a BITS alumnus who has received his share of experience with tech giants like Yahoo!, Oracle and i2 in building their flagship products. Manjunath Talwar, CEO and Co-founder, an IIM Kozhikode alumnus, comes with 15 years of experience in innovating Global Consumer and Enterprise Products.

The two co-founders, along with Sunil Pathrose, Sr. Manager - Marketing, speak about how OOH advertising has been a value added addition to their marketing efforts.

Edited excerpts from the interview are given below.

What drove you to invest in outdoor advertising when you had to reach out to your clients?

Our decision to opt for outdoor was largely based on the target audience and customer behaviour. We're looking at a TG of 25-35 year olds who are more receptive to outdoor and radio, due to their nature of work and travel. Apart from realising the importance of OOH media to our target audience, we also put in a lot of energy to come up with communication which was concise with a very strong call for action which helped drive registrations on our website.

Where have the campaigns for Hiree been launched so far?

We first started with Bengaluru. We've also done our branding on 5 rapid metro trains in Gurgaon and also in parts of Hyderabad and Pune. Our focus is on the IT segments, hence in every city we tend to execute our campaigns around those areas where we get a sizeable crowd from this sector.

Though most of the cities have a concentration of IT professionals in a given zone, In Bengaluru there are other micro markets which were covered in our plan apart from the other major IT hubs of Bengaluru in a phased manner, eventually covering the entire city. The same approach is going to be employed in other priority markets.

How has the response been to your OOH campaigns?

When we added on outdoor to our marketing strategy, there was a considerable increase in the registrations that we received. So, the response has been very positive and outdoor has been working very well for us ever since.

What are your general expectations from outdoor?

Outdoor for us is mostly relevant for customer acquisition. In today's eco-system the audience is evolving. To make a mark among such a TG, we think a combination of OOH and radio is the most effective method. We spend about 30% of our marketing budget on outdoor because it has brought us good results in the past and continues to do so.

Do you see any challenges in the effective execution of a campaign? Do you think measurement of people receiving your content becomes a huge problem in OOH?

There are always issues with breaking clutter and impactful communication, but with the right approach and plans they can be overcome. As regards measurement of OOH, there is no set measure. However, with a little effort it is possible to get a good idea of how many people may be receiving the content. Research can be done with respect to the average number of people passing through the area and the level of visibility they have to the specific location and a logical conclusion can be drawn on the reception in that particular area.


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