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Xtreme Media launches latest line of product in partnership with BOE

By Pray Jani - October 10, 2019

BOE’s hardware and Xtreme Media’s software combined to form a unique line of product such as Kiosks, Video Walls and Digital signages

Recently, Xtreme Media in partnership with BOE, a leading display manufacturer, Xtreme Media launched a line of products leveraging their partner’s unique ADSDS (Advanced Super Dimension Switch) technology for higher quality of output. This technology offers higher transmittance, brightness and contrast ratio along with a visual angle of 180 degrees.

The range of products included Kiosks, video walls and digital signages, bringing a combination between the advanced hardware from BOE and software expertise from Xtreme media.

DOOHThere are 4 types of kiosks: indoor kiosk, dual sided kiosk, outdoor kiosk and interactive kiosk. The panels span from 43 inches to 65 inches with over 60,000 hours of life time for indoor kiosks, and the panels for outdoor kiosks are much bigger, spanning between 55 inches to 86 inches. The outdoor kiosk’s anti-reflective and UV resistant properties, along with advanced cooling feature with Hepa Filter makes it one of the top choices available in the Indian market.

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The video walls bring durability and state of the art video quality from the hardware end. The backend software enables content editing with PIP feature. The media offers uniform brightness using precise sensors and accepts multiple signals and displays multiple content simultaneously. The ultra-thin bezel of 0.88 mm creates an immersive viewing experience.

The visual quality of their digital signage display is superb, owing to the 4K technology. Moreover, XtremeSignage software allows managing a large network of displays remotely and the product is available between 32 inches, up to 98 inches; providing a wide range of uses.

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