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Singapore's Avyan Holdings partners with All About Outdoor to launch PROOH Technologies

By M4G Bureau - March 27, 2023

The goal is to “get the market ready for audience buy instead of billboard buy”, states the company

Singapore-based Avyan Holdings has announced a strategic investment in partnership with Delhi-based All About Outdoor Group to create PROOH Technologies, a pan India OOH media ad-network with a 100% audience impressions based pricing model across all OOH formats. This collaboration is aimed at revolutionising the OOH advertising industry by implementing a comprehensive accountability system that ensures complete transparency and accuracy in every OOH media purchase.

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PROOH is the brainchild of Ankur Rastogi, Founder & CEO of All About Outdoor Group that is specialised in media planning & buying, asset ownership, and media consulting. PROOH's Media Planning Tool uses data sets, such as geospatial, location, and traffic data to classify and select targeted locations, providing 100% transparency in vendor costs and performance history. Brands would be able to select billboards based on their target audience exposure and pay based on actual impression data during the campaign. “This brings complete accountability and affordability to OOH advertising and is supported by a live dashboard accessible to clients and publishers,” states the company release.

Commenting on the launch, Ankur Rastogi says that in an era dominated by conversations on audience measurement & ROI in OOH, PROOH enables a clear unobstructed view on what's working and what isn't. “One of my key strategic goals is to educate people and get the market ready for audience buy instead of billboard buy by assisting every marketer to attain more control over the eco-system through data, analytics, and other predictive parameters to make the “right decisions”.

“India’s OOH industry is 97% in static display formats. While the industry has seen a lot of innovations in formats and creativity, PROOH is the disruption that brings the much needed innovation in ROI for outdoor. We see our data led model as fully scalable and hope to export this in the ASEAN region as a service. We needed a passionate and maverick partner with an obsession and proven capabilities and are delighted to have found one in Ankur and AAO Group,” says Vishnu Mohan, Founder and Chairman of Avyan Holdings.

Partha Sinha, a Member of Advisory Board of PROOH added, "The disruption in transparency and accountability in OOH was long due and I am pleased to have mentored and see PROOH take the lead and kick it off in a market where 98% of the sites are still static displays."

PROOH’s operations shall be spearheaded by Anuj Bhandari, CEO who earlier led the asset operations of the group since 2015.


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