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Former key Posterscope India executives launch boutique OOH/DOOH SaaS firm Mantaray Digicom

By N Jayalakshmi - February 25, 2022

Robin Gupta, Vineet Sharma and Sumit Goswami have set up Mantaray Digicom that offers an end-to-end adtech platform for OOH.

Driven by a passion to bring in tech-enabled transparency and measurability in the out-of-home eco-system, three senior industry professionals and former key executives of Posterscope India -- Robin Gupta, Vineet Sharma and Sumit Goswami -- have come together to set up Mantaray Digicom, a boutique OOH/DOOH SaaS company that has been officially launched now.

The trio, with a collective experience of more than 45 years, is building a team of like-minded professionals who have diverse skill-sets across OOH and digital verticals. 

The stated objective behind the venture is to “deliver automated and easy access solutions, aimed at filling significant gaps in the industry.” One of the key offerings is S.A.L.T (Structured Analytics Led Targetting), a comprehensive platform modelled around AI and new digital technologies, which is set to be an open forum for all entities buying and selling media to learn, design and transact with structured ease.

Shares Vineet Sharma, V.P - Business Development & Operations, Mantaray Digicom, while talking to Media4Growth.com, “We are creating a SaaS platform - a complete software solution for OOH - wherein everything happens  over a click without any human intervention, in a matter of few seconds and has measurability attached to it. Today, unlike in earlier times, every penny spent is being monitored and each medium is getting evaluated precisely. But in OOH, there is no uniformity when it comes to metrics; everything is based on gut feel. Once we get into a system of metrics that is subscribed to by a large base, greater confidence gets built into the business.”

He elaborates, “While other mediums continue to evolve with newer technologies, OOH is yet to ride this wave. Our SaaS based approach not only addresses the digital divide, seen in the form of efficiency and results, but also touches upon inclusion of all stakeholders in an ecosystem of monitored processes throughout the value chain of business.”

Mantaray Digicom has already bagged angel investment and will be foraying into multiple seed rounds to raise additional funds to scale their business, whilst launching two virgin territories soon. The company, which is being advised and mentored by two very senior industry professionals, is in the process of onboarding media partners to put up their inventory on the platform.



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