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Times OOH releases handbook on Delhi's prime flyway

By Bhawana Anand - September 10, 2013

Times OOH organized an event"Innovatus- Seek the Future” in New Delhi to launch its handbook"Vade Mecum: Innovation Playbook for DND Flyway”, a research based ready reckoner of unique OOH creative ideas for the DND Flyway, a prime OOH location in the capital.

The event'Innovatus- Seek the Future', organized by Times OOH was all about discussing the way forward for the DND flyway, a strategic OOH location that garners high recall and visibility for brands. The event also saw the release of the handbook "Vade Mecum: Innovation Playbook for DND Flyway” by Times OOH, a ready reckoner of unique OOH creative ideas for DND.  Besides, the event also witnessed new developments such as the ground-breaking technology being piloted at DND in terms of monitoring, measurement analytics systems and dynamic media streaming. It was revealed that Metrics would allow the OOH media to compete more effectively with other media, leading to increased ROI for all clients
During the occasion, Sunder Hemrajani, MD, Times OOH said, "At Times OOH, we give equal credence to both customer satisfaction and innovation. It was wonderful to see these two core tenets merging at Innovatus, giving us an opportunity to showcase our latest research findings, path-breaking creative ideas and interact with our customers simultaneously. I thank all the brand ambassadors and media representatives who graced the occasion. We look forward to their continued support in helping us implement more such pioneering OOH initiatives.”
The objective of the initiative was to essentially unveil the DND Commuter Profile & Ad Recall Survey and showcase pre-approved, ready-to-roll innovations at these properties. The book covers several formats such as Creative Lighting, Technovation, and Experiential Brand Building, amongst others spanning various zones of DND and multiple product categories.
Incidentally, the DND Flyway has been positioned as a'Mega Impact, High Recall' OOH medium by Ipsos, one of the top three leading research firms globally, along with MConsult (the consulting arm of Group M). Further, according to research cited by Times OOH, the DND hosts a premium audience (92% SEC A) that likes to spend money (premium brands are purchased by about 40% travelers at least once every 6 months and 66% dine out or visit multiplexes every 1-3 months). And, this audience uses the DND for travelling between 7-9 a.m. and 6-9 p.m. for 5 - 6 times a week (83% travel 5-6 times a week). What this means for advertisers is that they know exactly where their audience is going to be and when. Also, with only about 55 brands on an average being displayed in an uncluttered environment on the DND, it's not a surprise that brands garner an impressive 45% spontaneous recall, with as many as 14 brands being recalled, according to the OOH media company.
Some of the solutions included in the book for DND are:-
Web based real-time outdoor site monitoring: This allows for 24/7 monitoring of sites to curb vandalism and provides for an effective proof of performance method.
Automated Traffic Count: This will not only provide an accurate traffic count, but also the number and type of vehicles crossing a particular site, leading to complete commuter mapping.
LED Ticker Integration:  Static sites on the DND can now go dynamic through LED ticker integration. These are also equipped with humidity and temperature sensors for live information.

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