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Sinex Systems collaborates with Trix International

By VJ Media Bureau - December 17, 2013

Sinex has been appointed as the sole distributor of Triline products for the market of India and Sri Lanka.

Sinex Systems Private Ltd., a popular name in the innovative display and signage solution industry, signed an agreement recently with the companies TRIX International / TRIX-Qatar-Belgium, the owner of the modular architectural aluminium sign system Triline®, for launching the Triline products in January 2014 in the Indian and Sri Lankan market.
According to Managing Directors Erik Broos-Godts, Creator and Developer of Triline®, and N. Badri Narayanan of Sinex Systems Private Ltd, "This venture will be the start of a promising and prosperous cooperation between both companies and entails a positive contribution to the sign market in India and Sri Lanka.” The comprehensive range of Triline® way-finding systems having unique anti-vandalism and anti-theft design combined with stylish look will be now available in India and Sri Lanka only from Sinex Systems.
 The third generation of wayfinding systems designed by Erik Broos-Godts, Triline® is the culmination of 25 years of experience. It comprises of aluminium and synthetic components in a patented design that enables flat and curved signs to be created from modular components that are available off-the-shelf. The components offer an unlimited range of combinations in seven different styles, enabling architects, designers and individuals to create their own designs. Triline® systems are suitable for the provision of all types of wayfinding signs for the exterior and interior of the smallest office or the largest hospital. They will provide flexible solutions for door signs, flag signs, suspended signs, table signs, directory signs, double-sided totems, triangular totems, post signs and such. The systems are based on a range of standard aluminium extrusions, starting at 15,5 mm and increasing, in increments of 31 mm, to a maximum of 248 mm. These profiles can be used in all Triline® systems and are completely interchangeable, providing great flexibility in creating signage solutions.
Profiles can be provided with a'flat or curved' surface up to 3 mm thick and an insert profile which can accommodate most standard insert materials up to 1.75 mm including substrates suitable for presentation of messages in braille to meet the official requirements. A patented blocking system provides anti-vandalism and anti-theft protection.
 In the range of aluminium framed signs, patented blocking pins in the top and bottom profiles of the sign provide protection against vandalism. The sign and the profiles cannot be easily removed except with the use of a special key. With suspended signs, patented individual blocking pins are used to protect the profiles and lock them in place. This enables the profiles to be easily removed or changed by one person with the appropriate key. Each individual profile can be changed without dropping the sign, saving time and money and reducing the risk of damage. In addition, by using aluminium connection/suspension pieces, the sign is more durable in the event of a fire. The Triline® sign will remain in place much longer than compared to plastic connectors, thereby reducing the risk of injury and substantially increasing the period of time the sign remains intact to show the way to emergency exits.

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