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Renowned filmmaker Vasanth S Sai narrates the art of story-telling at South India Talks OOH Conference

By Amrit Mishra - February 05, 2024

Vasanth imparts invaluable lessons on the power of storytelling, unwavering faith, and creative resilience.

In the just concluded South India Talks OOH conference, organised in Chennai on February 2, acclaimed Indian film director and writer Vasanth S Sai captivated the audience with a heartfelt speech, sharing valuable insights gained from his three-decade-long career in the film industry. 

Vasanth Sai as speaker for South India Talks Ooh event that concluded on 2nd Feb 2024

Vasanth acknowledged the significance of storytelling in filmmaking and emphasised the power of a well-told story to transport the audience, enabling them to momentarily escape reality and immerse themselves in the narrative.

Vasanth shared anecdotes and important lessons he has gathered throughout his extensive career, emphasising the significance of learning from every experience and individual. He underlined the importance of faith, recounting stories that illustrated the impact of unwavering belief and trust in oneself.

The filmmaker engaged the audience with a light hearted story about a persistent dog and its determination to get a commitment from its potential mate. Through this narrative, Vasanth conveyed the importance of faith, urging the audience to embrace 100% belief in themselves and their abilities.

Drawing parallels between filmmaking and life, Vasanth shared experiences from his films, including challenges faced during the shooting of a song amidst a cyclone and the resourcefulness required to capture a dilapidated lighthouse's beauty. He emphasised the principle of making "this and that" possible, showcasing the power of faith in overcoming obstacles.

Vasanth concluded his speech by narrating a personal story, where he creatively managed to celebrate his daughter's birthday despite a conflicting commitment. The heart-warming tale showcased Vasanth's ability to find innovative solutions and his dedication to making meaningful connections.


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