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Pikasso to enable retargeting on mobile advertising in partnership with Hic Mobile

By Rajiv Raghunath - March 20, 2023

This will allow brands to create a measurable omnichannel brand experience

Pikasso and Hic Mobile have entered into a partnership to enable retargeting of advertising on mobile. This agreement allows the engagement of the consumers on both big and small screens, at any moment of the day of any person passing by one of Pikasso digital screens or billboards. 

This agreement with Hic Mobile, an Italian leading Mobile Marketing Specialist focused on Proximity Marketing, will allow brands to create a measurable omnichannel brand experience.


Several types of research conducted demonstrated repeatedly that OOH is the best primer for mobile engagement. If planned and executed correctly, the convergence of the two formats will drive the consumer further down the purchase funnel: by keeping track of when the interest is generated when exposed to a screen or billboard followed by the retargeting on mobile leading to the initiation of an online search or click of an ad and eventual purchase of the product/service at a real store. Advertisers will be able to see a clear path that began from a geofenced OOH location, states a media release shared by Pikasso.

“In simple words, amplify the reach and performance marketing of every Pikasso OOH or DOOH campaign by retargeting the same campaign on Mobile to your desired target audience and track the results in real time!” the release states.  

On this development, Francesca Vincenti, Head of Programmatic and Innovation, said: “We are delighted to propose to agencies and clients an additional service that complements and reinforces OOH campaigns. Coupling OOH/DOOH and mobile Advertising will amplify their individual impact, enhance brand recall and engagement and improve campaign efficiency to drive to store while maximising the results of their ad spend. Thanks to Hic Mobile, which is at the forefront of retargeting technology, brands in our markets can leverage the high mobile penetration and engage with consumers in the real world and the digital world.”

Max Willinger, Co-founder of Hic Mobile said: “We’re honoured to partner with Pikasso, supporting all OOH/DOOH activities with mobile marketing solutions. All clients using this media mix will be able to maximise results and optimise their budgets, taking the best of what cross media campaigns have to offer. Pikasso, international OOH/DOOH leader, listens carefully to market needs….and once again has demonstrated to be innovative and always one step ahead!”.


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