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‘Micro-targeting is increasingly being seen in brand campaigns’

By Rajiv Raghunath - January 19, 2024

Lekshumanan Annamalai, Founding Partner, Coral Media sees an uptrend in hyper-local advertising

Lekshumanan Annamalai

Micro-targeting is increasingly evident in the OOH advertising approach of brands. In stating this, Lekshumanan Annamalai, Founding Partner, Coral Media explains that “due to digital inroads most brands are aware of where exactly their TG is and that helps in micro-targeting.” He also seen an uptrend in DOOH media business but points out that brands will closely examine the RoI from DOOH advertising.

He also points out that “like every industry, our industry will evolve too. It’s a natural progression, isn’t it? But technology also gains acceptance when the pricing is right. Currently, the costs are prohibitive considering the media is a shared one and neither is the client super excited about the agency.”

In year 2023, automobile, real estate, FMCG, and retail were the major category advertisers, he cites, and adds that brands are increasingly looking at doing larger campaigns in targeted geographies and therefore the budgets are limited for undertaking massive campaigns. “But having said that, we do a lot more hyper local campaigns these days. More recently, we did a transit media focused campaign for TVS Radeon. Why I pick this as an example is because even when we say small budgets, the investments are quite high in a market like Delhi NCR. We leveraged low cost media there and built frequency. A relatively low investment for the reach it delivered!,” says Lekshumanan.

Looking ahead, Lekshumanan expects Indian OOH to achieve 10-15% YoY growth.


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