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Maharashtra, Gujarat large format media owners forestall cyclone damage

By Pray Jani - June 05, 2020

Surat Municipal Corporation had instructed media owners to take down at-risk sites across all 6 zones; MCGM, Central Railway & Panvel authority too had issued precautionary notice

In order to reduce the damage caused by Cyclone Nisarga, the municipal corporations in Maharashtra and Gujarat undertook necessary steps to avoid any casualty. The Surat Municipal Corporation issued an order to take down all 400 outdoor display sites spread across all 6 zones in the city, that could potentially fall against the high-speed winds. The action was taken at short notice with due cooperated of the media owners.

Speaking about the precautionary measures taken, Jayesh Patel, Managing Director of Venus Publicity said, “The Corporation was very cooperative. There were two big challenges. Firstly, we had very little time to bring down the sites and due to the Covid-19 pandemic, most of our labour had returned to their respective homes so we were low on workforce. The Corporation helped us with their labour to execute exhaustive work in no time.”

Sites of dimensions 60 x 25 ft, 100 x 25 ft, 40 x 20 ft and other large sizes were brought down. They are expected to remain so for the next couple of days and after 4 days, all the sites will be installed again.

On the contrary, sites located in small towns of the region, however, were not at risk. This is owing to the fact that most of them are ground level sites with the dimensions limited to 20 x 10 ft. Abhik Patel, Director of Abhik Advertising shared, “Initially the sites were supposed to be taken down, but after supervision, it was decided that it wasn’t needed. Because just a year ago we had revamped all our sites and hence they can withstand the cyclone if it arrives.”

In the Maharashtra region, Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai had also issued strict orders to media owners asking them to inspect their hoardings and carry out repairs and also deploy manpower for prevention of any untoward incidents/accidents that may be caused by the structures in the event of strong winds. The notice of the same nature was also circulated by Central Railway authority and Panvel authority. 

However, the cyclone brought down only one large format in Panvel, though no casualty was reported there. Also a few flexes were damaged by the strong winds.


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