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Khushi Advertising flies high with Tirupati airport media rights

By Bhawana Anand - August 21, 2018

The sole ad rights have been awarded by AAI for a period of 10 years

Khushi Advertising on airport acquisition spree further strengthens its airport advertising domain by acquiring exclusive rights to advertise at Tirupati airport, after Vadodara, Madurai and Rajkot airports. These rights have been awarded to Khushi by the Airport Authority of India for a period of 10 years.

Sole advertising rights to advertise at Tirupati airport translate into an effective reach of over 6 lakh per year and an opportunity to employ multiple media options in the entire Tirupati airport premises.

This multi-winged structure is beautifully designed and has been named as the most tourist friendly airport with one of the most picturesque landscapes in any airport premises across India.

Enthused by this accomplishment, Vishnu Telang, CEO, Khushi Advertising commented, “We are delighted to have exclusive advertising rights at one of the fastest growing airports of India, which is frequented by ultra HNIs, celebrities, business class, politicians and the common man alike. This is an excellent avenue for advertisers to influence the best of decision makers and faithfuls from all over the world, who visit the Temple Town to seek the blessings of Tirupati Balaji. Khushi has lined up many avenues for fruitful engagement like edu-leisure corners, interactive digital-media, and new-age digital media, apart from tasteful static media in and around the terminal.”

Pranay Shah, Director, Khushi Advertising affirmed “This feat, following closely on the heels of our exclusive rights to advertise at Vadodara, Madurai and Rajkot airports holds us in good stead. It enables us to give maximum exposure to brands by advertising at the airport of the 'Spiritual Capital of Andhra Pradesh' which is visited not just by Indians, but by devotees and tourists from across the globe. With air traffic of over 7000 flights per annum, this airport caters even to charter planes flying the ultra-premium class, politicians and VIPs, almost every alternate day. This is an invaluable addition to our repertory and we intend to help our clients make the most of it”.


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