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How will COVID19 impact Green OOH drive?

By Pray Jani - July 07, 2020

Green OOH to gain momentum with the likely increase in demand for eco-friendly products due to the pandemic

The Covid19 has put everything on hold including green OOH initiatives. The eco-friendly outdoor branding practices are likely to rev up than ever before with brands being extra conscious about their carbon-footprints while experiencing the global health crisis.

A pioneer in promoting sustainable advertising solutions, Sam Patel, Arrow Digital, President, said, “As far as green OOH is concerned, it comes with an additional cost. Green/sustainable media and printing technologies are costlier than traditional media and technology. However, this global pandemic is making us more aware of another emergency of the planet's unfolding environmental crisis.”

Speaking about the opportunities that the post-Covid era holds for the eco-friendly OOH branding, Sam said, “Global regulatory bodies constantly urge businesses to go green. In fact, many of them make it mandatory for companies to incorporate green strategies into their operations. While it is evident that green marketing is the need of the hour, most businesses are actually unsure about the benefits it will bring them. Implementing green OOH will help businesses to stand out.  Sustainable practice allows brands for a unique positioning of their brand and correct storytelling. I am optimistic about increasing demand for eco-friendly products and processes after this pandemic.”

He added that the biggest obstacle was the cheap imports from China and lack of standards. But, now they have developed many products that can compete with cheaper media and will be made in India.

Simultaneously, the green printing firm, Arrow Digital too is ready to kick-start its business. “We are ready to bounce back with many new innovative technologies and products to replace plastics and cheap Chinese products along with our Greenguard certified UV LED printers from EFI VUTEk. As a leading player in the signage and printing industry, we are doing our part by spreading awareness and providing all the right tools to reduce the carbon footprint, incorporating PVC free materials and environmentally friendly technologies,” shared Sam.

Adding to this, Diya Nalwaya, Director, Jupiter Branding Solutions, said, “The pollution level has gone down, and it shows how keeping our environment clean can positively affect our minds. The lockdown has shown us what a clean city looks like. Because to which, many businesses will be looking for eco-friendly alternatives in the coming days.”

“We are following necessary measures and regularly sanitising the machinery and storage units. All the machines are repaired. We are educating our workers to follow hygienic practices at workplace as we need to get accustomed to the new normal.” explains Diya. The fabric manufacturing company saw number of inquiries for their fabric media, especially for cotton-based fabric, to double within the first month of markets opening.

In the pre-lockdown period, the eco-friendly fabric material manufacturers had selected buyers, primarily in the south Indian states, mainly from Kerala where the demand is high due to the ban on PVC flex material. But, the lockdown has posed a major challenge for these manufacturers’ as branding across the country took a pause.

Shiva Texyarn, one of such fabric manufacturers based in Coimbatore, is now expecting some increase in demand with the re-opening of jewellery industry. However, even if inquiries start, entire business activities will not restart until a couple of months. “Till August, we cannot expect much. Before looking at advertising, many of our clients from Kerala will focus on reviving their own businesses first. However, we might see a rise in demand for fabric material in the coming months. The rise will be encouraged by the other states looking to impose flex-ban and brands taking up eco-friendly approach for branding and advertising,” said L. Manesh Kumar, COO, Shiva Texyarn.



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