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‘Groundwork must for mall activations’

By Pray Jani - November 14, 2019

Panellists highlighted the benefits of mall activation along with the importance of data at the ‘The Activation Venues Forum 2019’ event

The 4th edition of The Activation Venues Forum 2019 discussed the advantages of mall media in a session called Marketing per Sqft. It began by Sanjeev Sarin, Center Director, Phoenix, North, talking about mall activation having a very high conversion rate. He added that given an organised platform, it can offer high engagement. Highlighting the behaviour of mall goers, he said people in a mall have time to engage with the product and come with a free mind. However, it is imperative for brands to do the groundwork before executing an activation, he added.

He also reiterated the fact that data is the key to any brand acquiring greater ROI, and added that a venue partner can offer the data of audience behaviour to the brand, which can help them in aligning their activation in accordance with the visitors’ information. 

On the same note, Esha Nagar, MD, Nepa, said, “While targeting with the necessary data, a brand can position their activation at a location populated with their target audience, which again accelerates the returns.” She also pointed out that having a venue partner like a mall works as the brand is able to target the audience stationed at a location for a period of time.

Taking the conversation further, Rahul Dutta, Marketing Head, HP Printers said, “Three key factors that a brand considers before activation are: immediate sales that happen at the location, the kind of space available and the ad value to the activation. Certainly, data helps the brand in identifying an estimate.”

Sharing some insights on visitor movement in a mall, Sanjeev added, “We have observed that the first floor of our mall gets higher footfalls compared to the ground floor. This shows that the entrance is used more often by our customers. Therefore, this kind of data can assist the brands in organizing their activation to a specific location in the malls.”

However, he maintained that both brands and the venue partners need to conduct excessive ground work, with necessary data points based on the brand philosophy in mind to execute a successful activation campaign.


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