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GoHoardings pans out services in Australia

By M4G Bureau - September 10, 2020

A 4 year old start-up concentrates on Tier I & II markets working towards offering an online solution for media owners and brands by bridging the gap between demand & supply Solutions LLP is an online OOH advertising on-demand platform, transforming the conventional way of media buying & selling into a modernized hassle-free process with the digital infrastructure. The online destination has a comprehensive database for alternative, traditional and digital out-of-home media of more than 300+ cities in India. Founded by Vikas Sharma, an ex-Digital marketer and Deepti Awasthi Sharma, a former E&Y employee designed this platform with an aim to ease out the process of buying and selling outdoor media. “It has always been a challenge in the OOH industry to identify the owner of the site and other details hence, we decide to establish a venture to overcome this issue and design a seamless process for buying & selling”, shares Vikas Sharma, Founder & CEO, Solutions LLP.

Vikas Sharma, Founder & CEO<BR> Solutions LLPIn the OOH industry i.e. physical in nature, 99% of media planning & buying takes place offline however, the company is content with the shift happening in the industry where the tech-savvy media managers are making a good use of their consolidated infrastructure. “We have made the entire buying process very convenient for the brands where they can get the specifications of the sites on their desktops and can make a plan with just a few clicks. The brand marketer doesn’t have to go physically conduct the site reccee which saves cost for them” adds, Deepti Awasthi Sharma, VP- Revenue & Growth, Solutions LLP.  Along with images, the company provides various other relevant specifications of sites such as sizes, geo-tagging location, availability, highlights and rates. The online platform also gives an option to brands to design their single city & multi-city media plan by including a variety of media.

Deepti Awasthi Sharma, VP- Revenue & Growth<BR> Solutions LLPGoHoardings also offer advantages to the media owners by providing them an online management inventory system and an opportunity to sell their sites through their platform as well as make online plans for client pitches as well. “Our main concentration is on Tier I & II cities where the occupancy rate still lingers between 60&-65% hence, our endeavor is to increase their business opportunities by bringing them additional business. We are adding almost 15% of occupancy rate on their sites”, says Vikas. The company helps media owners by monetizing the gap between two campaigns which ranges between 5-7 days by giving ads on nominal rates.

To ensure that no fraudulent media is listed on their website, the company has kept a mandate to upload the first page of tender document certified by the local authority. And in order to keep their platform updated, the company keeps a check at the end and start date of the tender and automatically remove it from their database once the tender duration is over. “These media vendors are also active when it comes to updating their new media as they find our website a good source of media”, says Deepti.

Going further, the company is working on improving the analytics part to get the crystal-clear data for the advertisers. Also, in order to bring effectiveness to the medium, they are adding the feature of providing digital marketing advertising to brands where they can collaborate both OOH & Digital media campaigns for a better outcome.

Gohoardings is all set for global expansion and started serving in Australia too and it is amongst the initial first few companies of India who have expanded globally. They have a mission to serve Australia with cost effective pocket friendly campaigns with best of the high quality services.

Deepti and Vikas vision to get the Indian company presence abroad is finally came true.



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