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Connect Network launches Immersive, transforming cinema planning

By M4G Bureau - December 22, 2023

The cutting-edge tool integrates diverse data points to drive efficient and precise cinema planning

Connect Network Inc. has announced the launch of a new service within their planning platform ‘Immersive’ that will help advertisers with a ground-breaking cinema planning tool designed to transform the landscape of cinema advertising.

A release shared by Connect Network states that “Immersive represents a quantum leap forward in the realm of cinema planning by harnessing the power of multiple data points, seamlessly integrating insights from diverse sources including TGI, Census GIS, audience heat maps, and genre-specific interest filters across the entire country and across films in multiple languages and states.”

In an era where precision and efficiency reign supreme, Immersive offer the ability to curate cinema plans with great accuracy and insight. By amalgamating cutting-edge technology with comprehensive data analytics, the tool provides an innovative solution for industry professionals seeking to optimize their cinema planning strategies.

Haresh Nayak

"At Connect Network Inc., we are thrilled to add another extension within Immersive, a platform that redefines the way cinema planning is approached," states Haresh Nayak, Founder & CEO, Connect Network Inc. "Immersive is not just a planning platform; it's a revolution. By leveraging a fusion of crucial data points, mapping of total cinemas across country and hyperlocal audience-centric insights, it empowers cinema planners to craft meticulously tailored plans that resonate with audiences on a profound level."

Immersive’ s distinctive feature lies in its ability to filter content based on audience interests across various genres. This unique functionality ensures that cinema plans are not merely efficient but also resonate deeply with the preferences and inclinations of diverse moviegoers. Whether it's the latest action-packed blockbusters, heart-warming dramas, or captivating thrillers, Immersive optimises cinema planning by aligning content with audience desires and mapping on a city / pin code level with audience heat maps.

The amalgamation of TGI, Census GIS, audience heat maps, and genre-specific interest filters positions Immersive as an indispensable asset for media agencies and clients aiming to elevate their strategic planning to unprecedented heights. This tool isn't just a step forward; it's a leap towards a future where precision meets innovation.

Aditya Goel

“As a team in Connect Network Inc., we are always looking forward to updates and additional features that will help the clients to plan better on a single window experience. Cinema planning on Immersive is a result of our continued efforts towards providing a better and informed understanding to our clients,” states Aditya Goel, Sr. Vice PresidentConnect Network Inc.


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